Any kind of Animal Tamer class?

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Or some feat or specific class that tames an beast to become a companion?
There's the BeastMaster Ranger build (Martial Power, IIRC), Sentinel Druid (Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms), Fey Beast Tamer Theme (Heroes of Feywild?).

Keep in mind that in 4e you do NOT gain extra actions from an animal companion. They use YOUR actions. Otherwise, a "summoner"-type becomes too overpowered.
There's also Animal Master theme (Dragon 399), and familiars if the character's arcane.
Shaman class

No; there are classes and ways to get companion creatures; but strictly rules wise It’s a bit iffy if you can just “Tame” a beaten creature.

This is up to debate (and thus up to your DM) but if you are Trained in Nature; somewhere it lists the things you can do with it, and I believe it says you can try to clam animals into trusting you. From there it’s up to the DM what else can be done.

Note: Either Shaman or Druids have the ability to speak to animals, as well there is a Monstrous race of animal shape shifters (had an Asian name to it) which can also speak to animals.  You could make a good argument that with a high Nature check, as well with the ability to converse with an animal’s might allow to “tame” something.

If I was a DM though I would have the “tame” creature just an NPC that follow the party under DM’s control.


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