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OK, enemy creature makes a melee attack for 40 damage against my creature (which is level 2 and has DEX ability).  Is there any way via the stack to have my creature take the immediate action Near Miss to prevent 20 points of damage and untap, and within same stack play a different Immediate action, like Riposte, with the same creature in order to prevent all 40 points of damage via my one creature taking two immediate actions?  We were playing a three player and couldn't visualize any way to put these actions on the stack for this to happen, so we didn't allow it, but we all agreed that I would post the question to see if we had missed something.  Thanks for any help in advance.
I think that you can play Near Miss and then Riposte in order to prevent fourty damage from one source.  However, I don't think the rules clearly say that this is allowed.  So I beleive in accepting the group's judgement, which what you did.
I think that sounds fine because your opponent would attack, you would near miss, block 20 damage, untap, then respond to that untap immediately with riposte, build up some more damage block, then the attack would go through to challenge the damage block that had been built up.
This is perfectly legal, I think. Don't have rulebook in front of me, but I believe actions can be added to the stack after each thing on it resolves. So when Near Miss resolves and untaps your creature, then is the time to play another immediate and prevent some more damage.

Edit: Which is the same thing as ComradeOne just pointed out.....Embarassed
Just wanted to say thanks for all the responses.  Nice to see a committed core of players on this forum who will help each other out!
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