Trying to Find a Pre-2011 4E Player's Handbook

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I've noticed something unusual about newer printings of the 4th Edition core rulebooks. They seem to be of a cheaper quality than earlier print runs, with thinner, low-quality pages and, in some cases, miscoloured images and text. The telltale signs of these new print runs are a noticeably thinner book and an ad for D&D Encounters on the back page. I am now trying to find a copy of the Player's Handbook released prior to late 2010, which if I recall correctly has an ad for D&D Insider on the last page. Does anybody know where I can find a copy on the Internet with certainty that it is a top quality pre-2010 printing? I live in Australia, by the way. Thanks for taking the time to read this post! Have a good day! Smile


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