New Dragonlance Article in Dragon 421 Announced

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2 article on Dragonlance were announce in the back of Dragon 420!

Looking forward to it...


You Say Dragonborn,                                                 Legendary Items of Krynn
I Say Draconian                                                           By Daniel Helmick
By Daniel Helmick                                                       The Heroes of the Lance wielded many legendary
You say you’d like to play a bozak or kapak                 weapons during their epic war against the dragon
draconian? Now you can, with these dragonborn           highlords.
racial variants.

It'll be interesting, at least.
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I am super-excited about the dragonborn/draconian article. That's an idea that has been floating around DL circles for a while now.

I am hoping my kender article made it, but I have not heard word.

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I'm really anticipating some Krynn material as well.
Legendary Items awesome

Draconians as dragonborn? Um yeah no thanks. :P I'll stick to my own idea for dragonborn in DL thank you.
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