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Looking for an online group that does either 4e or 3.5. I'm still fairly new to 3.5, and 4e seemed easy enough the first time I played it. Preferred time is 7:30pm central, or I would show up late.
Hi Draggonreaper.  I am starting an online 4e campaign slated for Wednesday nights at 8:00pm central.  I'm new to DM'ing so potential players would need to be patient, but it shouldn't take too long to get up to speed.  Players would need 1 webcam and a free account for both skype and google+.  I have 2 cams so google+ will allow us to all hangout in video chat and see everyone logged in, while skype will allow all players to see the battlemap on my 2nd camera.  If you're interested please let me know.  Blake Young blake@fatchihuahua.com 479 * 650 * 3481.
nat20 games is a Rpg group over skype

we have:
A built in dice roller
virtual char sheets
a ton of freindly members who can help you with any of youre problems
our group number at about 25 people who love rpg, we are a comunity of ppl who make finding a game easy

still not sure ? come have a conversasion with me and see if its right for you my skype is Excile747

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