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Suppose you played a Life and Limb, and all of your lands were Basic Forests.

Would they still count as Basic lands once they've turned into Saprolings, or are they no longer Basics?

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They become Basic Land Creature — Forest Saproling.
205.4b An object’s supertype is independent of its card type and subtype, even though some supertypes are closely identified with specific card types. Changing an object’s card types or subtypes won’t change its supertypes. Changing an object’s supertypes won’t change its card types or subtypes. When an object gains or loses a supertype, it retains any other supertypes it had.

Life and Limb doesn't change whether a land is basic or not.

If it was basic before, it will still be basic after.

If it wasn't basic before, it still won't be basic after.

So a Saproling (which isn't basic) would become a land creature - forest saproling that still isn't basic

a Forest (which is basic) would become a basic land creature - forest saproling that is still basic.

a Savannah (which isn't basic) would become a land creature - plains forest saproling that still isn't basic

a Dryad Arbor (which isn't basic) would become a land creature - forest dryad saproling that still isn't basic

copy effects can change a supertype though
eg. casting Mirrorweave at an animated Forest (via Life and Limb) would make all* creatures basic land creature - forest saprolings 
likewise casting it at a Saproling token would make all creatures land creature - forest saprolings

* there are some exception cases

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