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I just pulled out my Core Rules 2.0 CDs and loaded them onto my Windows 8 PC. (BTW, the program runs great!!) I seem to remember a free utility that Evermore released for cropping artwork for use as character, or monster portraits, or equipment art.  Internet searches have been fruitless so far.  Does anyone know where to find this utility, or perhaps how to get in contact with Victor Penman.  He was always very helpful back in the late-90s with regard to this program, and maybe he might still have access to this utility.

Thanks in advance for any help! 

Kalex the Omen 
Dungeonmaster Extraordinaire

I have no idea what format the Core Rules are in but if all the images are stored a JPEGs or such you should be able to find where they are stored and copy them from there and edit them using any one of many photo editing  programs.  I know that's what I did with the old Warlords program as well as Rebellion for StarWars.
As far as I recall they're just bitmaps.

I've got all the files at home. I'll have a look tonight to see what directory they are in. From memory I think there was a folder called Portraits, but it's been a while.
Found it using the Wayback Machine and getting the file name from the Evermore88 website.  Then was able to find a fan site that still had it for download.  Got a bunch more of the official goodies for the program.

Kalex the Omen 
Dungeonmaster Extraordinaire

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