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When the xathrid gorgon makes a red and white creature "becomes a colorless artifact in addition to its other types" does that mean that a creature  no longer is a red and white creature or just that its colorless as well.
Xathrid Gorgon

it will be colorless, because that's what it says
it can't be "colorless" and "a color" at the same time
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"Colorless" literally means "has no color."
If the object had a color, it loses it, making it colorless.
Something cannot colored and colorless simultaneously.
For this same reason, if an effect asks you to name a color, you cannot name "colorless,"  nor can you name "multicolored" (which just means "has more than one color").

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Colorless is not a color; it's a lack of colors. If it's colorless, it has no colors. It's not red, and it's not white.
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