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I'm not sure if this has been posted before.

I've purchased several of the D&D map tiles for cities, deserts, manors, etc.  Does anyone know if WotC offers pictures of finished maps?  It's such a pain to sort through the tiles to try and develop a map.  I know some of the packages had sample maps, but I'd like some for the other sets.  Any help would be great.


I don't think there is anything official like that.
However, if you have access to WotC modules or hardcover adventures, each encounter has a map made with those tiles.

Google Image can also help you out.

I'll be following the thread, I'm also interested to know if anyone has a good source for that.
The more modern adventures in LFR try to use mostly these tiles for making their maps.  They have a pretty large sample database for encounters with maps on them.  Check them out at
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