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Hi. If you know Jace Beleren from MtG. AND knowa lot aboutoptimizing a character in D&D...Please help me out
 I based him on this class      please copy paste doesntwork because of the (...)
I need equipment, Feats or any other help i can get. 
there are different versions of jace. ao which powers should your jace have. what is the goal? which level you start? which books are allowed?
and you posted is insane **** and no sane DM would ever allow that
Just in case you don't know this dandwiki is NOT an official source and is often filled with things that no DM should ever allow.  That class is one example of such.
I know it isn't an official source...but we areallowed to search it through. and this one is accepted.
I start off at lvl 14 any book is allowed i think. i just want Jace...Flavourwise. Mindsculpter/Beleren...any advice for any jace is welcome 
#1: D&D Wiki is a poison. It's only redeeming feature is the d20 stats for Halo universe stuff.
#2: People trying to make new base classes are like trying to make a new kind of knife. You just can't, it's already been done better by someone smarter than you.
#3: You want an intelligent spellcaster, therefor you want a wizard not a custom class. Hunt down and kill the man who wrote the cutom class and continue to step 4.
#4: With this wizard, choose Enchantment as your specialist school and Evocation and Necromancy as your banned schools. You now have a Blue Mage.
#5: Choose the wizard build of your choice with the restrictions of your game and of running an Enchanter and go with it. If homebrew like D&D wiki is allowed, then write a 1 level class who's abilities are "Omniscience & Omnipotence: This character's player is the DM. They may deal with the previous GM as they see fit" and post it to D&D wiki. Then run it.

Bonus Step: Offer up an example progression of what the best build you can come up with is when asking for help. It's easier to understand what you're asking for and shows that you actually have some investment in the end result.
and reall. have of his class features are not descriped and the other ones are miaaing important parts.
Jace the mindbender is a beguiler(PHB II) or like the previous poster said a wizard. get spellfocus (enchantment) and look at the masterspecialist class.
Instead of nagging about could do whatthis thread is about...helping me find feats or equipment...
Or you could follow the last part of Vortsukoto's advice and find feats & equipment yourself, post it here, and ask for help refining your choices. That way, we don't have to feel like WE are doing all the work making YOUR character.
And, for future reference: most of us don't and won't deal with anything from D&D Wiki.
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I do, however, have one last lesson on this subject. That last one? The only build in this post that can one-shot average opponents[by dealing twice as much damage as they have HP? I would argue that it is not optimized. Why isn't it optimized? Because it's overkill. Overkill is NOT optimizing. This means that there are portions of this build dedicated to damage which can safely be removed and thrown elsewhere. For example, you probably don't need both Leap Attack AND Headlong Rush at the same time. You could pick up Extra Rage feats for stamina, feats to support AoO effects, feats that work towards potential prestige classes, and so on. However, you could also shift our ability scores around somewhat. I mean, if you're getting results like that with 16 starting Strength, maybe you can lower it to 14, and free up four points to spend somewhere else - perhaps back into Charisma, giving you some oomph for Intimidating Rage or Imperious Command if you want. You can continue to tune this until it deals "enough" damage - and that "enough" does not need to be "100%". It could easily be, say, 80% (leaving the rest to the team), if your DM is the sort who would ban one-hit killers.
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You probably will find the occasional thing from D&D Wiki that is reasonable, well-balanced, and interesting, but it won't be the majority of the material.

Assuming that you did actually use the Blue Mage class linked, boosting your Reflex save would serve Reflexive casting well, but it's hard to tell about some of the other class features without some clarification from your DM on how they're going to work (since they're not described very clearly).  You would, for example, want to find out what feats are available for the "bonus feat" listings in the table, and how the "dull blade" ability is supposed to be activated.

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i wanted to suggest go blue 1 and rest wiz for a better skill list and no CHA dependancy, but then i saw that spell list. so simply go blue mage 20, grab things like pearls of power, ring of wizardry and esp get +cha and+int items. this way, you should destroy and co trol everything. feats are total up to you. i would recommend spell focus and spell penetration. Heigthen spell is a must for you on level 6 or 9. for the rest of the feats, i would recommend reserve feats from complete mage
Jace was born psionic, then became a wizard, then a planeswalker.  So, Psion/Wizard (Enchanter, most likely)/Cerebromancer.   Done.