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Anyone having problems trading with bots? They pick some cards out of my collection to trade and then they say they havent found anything they need, then they say mtgo may be laggy and to try again later. This used to only happen when a bot picked a foil card or avatar, but now it happens every time a bot picks cards out of my collection to trade. Are there certain cards that cause this glitch? Here is an example from chat...

12:05 AM Low_Price3: I haven't found any card I need, please make more cards TRADABLE and REOPEN trade12:05 AM Low_Price3: >>> I will now step back to the main menu. It is possible for Magic Online to be laggy, in this case please retry to enter Trading Mode again 

...this is what happens after the bot picks cards out. 
Don't post bot names or it will be removed since it might get considered you are advertising them.

Aynway bots can have faulty scripts and some cards can brake them. I remember I could not trade with some bots until I removed Seance from my trade binder. After that it worked as intended.