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Can you use the magical bonuses/properties of a Ki Focus with a Fighting Shield? What about with weapon properties that don't specifically require attacking with said weapon? (e.g. Staggering Weapon)
I would probably allow Ki Focus to be used with a Fighting Shield.  Just handle it like any other +1 Heavy Blade where [W] = 1d6.

   Staggering weapons properties DO specifically require attacking with the weapon.  If the property is on a weapon and somehow affects attacks, it only affects attacks with that weapon.

Rules Source: Adventurer's Vault pg 56:
  "Unless specified otherwise, a property affects only the weapon to which it's attached. For example, a +2 cunning dagger which bestows a -2 penalty to an enemy's saving throws against your weapon powers, affects only powers that are delivered using that weapon. You coulldn't hold the weapon in your off-hand and gain the benefit of the property on powers delivered using a main weapon."

  Neither property on the Staggering Weapon specifies that it affects other attacks, so if you use the Ki Focus properties, you don't get to use either of the Staggering Weapon properties.
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