Rise of the Runelords campaign modified to D&D Next rules

Who wants to play this game?  Me too.

To all that is good and worthwhile.

Got P.f.
 Nope, no thanks. I'd rather run it Raw than use Next for it. Just being honest I like Pathfinder better.
This brings up an interesting question to me. Its easy enough to translate 1st and 2nd edition adventures, but 3e and 4e have a lot of magic treasure that goes beyond the balance of 5e. I suppose you'll have to do a fair amount of editing in this department.
My two copper.
You could try downgrading powers or if you don't want to remove them emntirely then give them 1d4 charges after which their magic fades.  If a player is really taken with an item you can always work with them to create a version that doesn't break the bounded rules - although DDN has a few items that break its rules as it is!
Are you going to be converting it?

 Fear is the Mind Killer


I have to admit that I'm not familiar with it but I'm willing to try anything once.