Minnesota - SouthEast Suburbs (Woodbury, Cottage Grove, Oakdale) - D&D 4th Edition - Anyone around?

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Always looking to see who's in the area to connect and game with. 

I'm middle-of-the-road experienced.... Been playin' for 20 years, but not a master by any means..... 

Interested in touching base?  Post here and let's chat!
Just lookin' to see if anyone is interested......

Looking at one day per month, but a good 8 hours for gaming....  Either a Saturday evening beginning around 4pm or so and going til after midnight or a Sunday beginning at 11am and going through about 6pm.

Thoughts?  anyone interested?.....     
Hey! I don't know if you're still checking this thread, but I live within driving distance, and I'd be interested. I'm a very new player - only one session thus far, and technical issues (We were doing it over an online RPG table, which stopped working for me) forced me to leave the campaign.
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