Trench Command - A proposal for new hybrid game development

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Dungeon Command is just about the best miniatures game I've ever played.  Fast, fun, and immersing with high-quality components.  What's not to like?  So, as I await the release of both DC Blood of Gruumsh and (my other obsession) the latest from the A & A franchise - Axis & Allies: WWI 1914, I speculated about a mash-up between the two.  A new game hybrid that would take the awesome Dungeon Command system into new territory.  My wish is that WOTC seriously considers this proposal for game development as it's a game I would definitely play.  Hopefully I can encourage other gamers to get on board as well. 
Trench Command would take the same DC game system to the trenches of WWI France in 1918.  The first two factions would be (of course) U.S. and Germans.  Later expansions would be slated to include the British and French.  Based on a successful sales launch, early war 1914 variant factions might also be considered for the latter three sets in addition to Russian and Austrian sets.  The scale of the miniatures, the card play, and the modular boards would all be in line with the fast, fun, and simple Dungeon Command system.  The modular boards would depict non-linear frontline trenches and the crater/shell-pocked No Man's Land between them.  Action cards would work in similar fashion, like...  Immediate: Take Cover!  Minor: Over the Top!  Standard: Gott Mit Uns!  And what about the minis?  Again, 12 per set.  The German 1918 set might look like this:

Leutnant - Commander attributes, ability to Slide other units
Pioneer - With wire-cutters and shovel here's your 'Burrow'-capable unit
Stormtrooper (2) - Bad boys with gasmasks +Melee Damage/+Hit Points
Grenadier (2) - Melee & (2 squares away) Ranged Damage/Distance
Maxim MG08 Gunner - Ranged attack +Damage/Medium Distance
Ammunition Bearer - Supports Maxim MG08 Gunner for Damage bonus, might also have 'Camouflage Master' attribute for +Hit Points
Bergmann MP18 Gunner - Limited Ranged Damage/Distance
Sniper - Limited Ranged Damage/+Distance
Medic - Works like Cleric, duh
Runner -  Here's your +Speed unit with 'Shift' capability, might also be able to Shift other units since unit carries 'Orders from HQ'

(The Bergmann MP18 Gunner and Runner would be replaced by Uhlan and Hussar units in Early War versions.  Cavalry would have +Speed capabilities.)

In trying to maintain the Melee dominate aspect of the game which works so well in DC, only the Maxim Gunner, Bergmann Gunner, Sniper, and Grenadiers have Ranged attack capabilities.  (And only very limited Damage/Distance capability for Grenadiers at that.)  The conceit here, firstly, is that the distance across squares should be considered slightly larger than the scale implied by the size of the minis.  Also, consider the reduced visiblity of the battlefield due to smoke, etc.  Lastly, and most importantly, consider that the emphasis on the melee battle closely represents the type of action during a trench raid at NIGHT.  After all, squad level night trench raids were a not uncommon feature throughout WWI.

That's about it.  Fingers crossed, maybe WOTC will seriously consider this down the road.  Next year is Centennial of WWI start...

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.  Let me know what you think...