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What things does each class start thing game with?  Like for a Wizard I know that they receive a spellbook, but I am not sure if they start with cloth armor or are require to purchase it.  Is there a place where I can find a list of this information?  I only really need the info for the classes/races out of PHB1.

Also is a ritual book nessessary for a wizard or are the rituals contained within the spellbook and a ritual book is for other classes to purchase when they want to know rituals.?
I think most people just ignore this stuff, but if I recall correctly, the only thing a Wizard receives for free is his spellbook and three first level rituals (50 pages, you transcribe daily/utility spells in here and can also write rituals in it for one page per level of the ritual; this doesn't preclude the purchase cost of rituals).

You technically have to buy cloth armor, but it's negligible until you get magic armor. 

If you don't already own them, I recommend acquiring the PHB1, the Rules Compendium, and maybe one of the Essentials Starters (Heroes of Forgotten Kingdoms / Fallen Lands). Also, a D&D Insider account will give you access to the Online Compendium and Character Builder, which can show you all of the actual content in the game. PHB1 / Rules Compendium / DDI subscription will get you all you need for a good long time, I think. 
Ask your DM, some will let you spend 100gp at level one as starting gear
Some will have custome rules (I have a DM who won't allow any starting magical gear)
Some will let you have all the mundane armor/items/ext you could want at no charge.

Save that I'm not 100% on offical rules, but If you start with riturals automaticly I would think you would have the ritual book in which you hold them.

Also follow Silverseekers advice, all those items will greatly help you merge into the game more easily, and Dnd Insider is def worth the money.       


Also is a ritual book nessessary for a wizard or are the rituals contained within the spellbook and a ritual book is for other classes to purchase when they want to know rituals.?

In PH1 in the wizard section, it tells you that the rituals can written in the spellbook.  BUt other classes need to purchase a ritual/spell book to write down their rituals.

I do not know if wizards get a spellbook for free.  Their is a price for a spellbook in the equipement section (adventuring gear) (50 gp), and the basic set up explains how most new chars are assumed to have 100 gp from past work to finance their new adventuring path.  

It is almost mandatory to purchase an adventurer's kit (15 gp, adevnring equipment section PH1).  It contains, a bedroll, a water skin, some rope, some flint, 2 sunrods( really good torches) and 10 rations.
But depends all on the DM to allow that or if they have something already in mind.

I don't think Wizards are supposed to get a free spellbook. We've certainly never played it that way.

Fighters don't get free weapons, Clerics don't get free Holy Symbols, so why should Wizards get their spellbooks for free?

Really, they don't have a lot of needs at 1st level, anyway. 50gp on a spellbook, 10-15gp on an implement and 1gp on some robes/cloth armor. The rest of their gold could be spent on an adventurer's kit and some residuum.

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You possess a spell book, a book full of mystic lore in wich you store you rituals and your daily and utility spells.

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All characters have basic clothing (cloth armor) for free. Wizards and any class that says "possess a X" start off with that item for free. Anything else besides clothes and class-granted items cost you out of your initial 100gp.

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