Oros Exalted (will this work in the current meta?)

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I had pretty good success with a deck nearly identical to this post-M13 launch but pre-RTR launch.  But, would it work in post RTR meta?

Thanks in advance

Well.... some advice:

I'd bump up my land count to at least 22 and drop down to 2 cathedrals of war. I hate having a mana base that isn't robust enough to make things work.

Duty-bound Dead, Guardians of Askrasa and Aven Squire are just a bit on the Meh side for me. I'd find something better. For instance Dutiful Thrull beats the snot out of Duty-bound Dead. Similarly Syndic of Tithes and Basilica Screecher are better as well.

The only Non-creature spells you have that I like are Murder and Ultimate Price. The rest are really meh, and I don't think it's worth the Red Splash (Not to mention I don't think you have enough Red sources to make me comfortable. You should have at least 1-2 mountains or dual-lands with red).

I'll make a special mention of Essence Harvest: I like the card. It works reasonably nicely. It does have a couple issues in this deck though: (1) Removal on your attacker after exalted will cause it to perform poorly. (2) Having Harvest in hand and no creatures on table makes you sad. While (2) may not seem like much of an issue, trust me, it happened often enough to me to make me sad. I eventually cut it from that deck simply because it didn't perform quite well enough.

Again, I like Essence Harvest. It's just it has way too much of a potential to be a dead card.
Having 2 lantern as your only means of casting 4 cards that splash red seems horrible.  Dreadbore can easily be Orzhov Charm if you're insistent on running that much point removal, which you don't really need since you already have a full grip of Ultimate Price & Murder.  Slaugher Games could just be Nevermore to stay in color.

I don't think running exalted as a theme is a very good idea right now.  With the exception of Silverblade Paladin and Sublime Archangel your creatures lack a good amount of punch unless they're attacking alone.  This will lead to you getting blown out by commonly played effects like Unsummon, Azorius Charm, and Searing Spear in response to the exalted triggers.

20 lands also seems too low especially since 4 come into play tapped.

let's put it into perspective... you're playing duty-bound dead in your constructed deck...

'nuff said.

don't be a slave to a theme.  play quality cards that happen to have exalted, but don't play a bunch of junky cards for some reason.  lingering souls comes to mind as a good card in color that would work well with blocking or attacking.

i didn't read too in depth, but why the hell are you even running red?  lose it, fast.  unless you intend to actually get the dual lands, don't even consider it. 

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