Party with a Cleric, Paladin, and Avenger. Need help with RP differences

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So I am going to DM a game with a Cleric (Battle Cleric Lore), a Paladin, and an Avenger all in the party. The players all want to be butt kickers in the service of their God. Cool idea, but they asked me how they should RP the differences between them. They all want to play their characters straight, keeping true to the spirit of the class.

They are all militant holy warriors that can lay down the hurt, but what are some of the key stereotypical differences between these 3 classes? The players and I don't want basically the same 3 personalities in 3 different skins.
Avengers are trained by reclusive monasteries and are basically the unseen murderous yet righteous hand of their god.

Paladins are invested with the power of their deity through a ritual and then sent out into the world, righting wrongs.

Clerics are trained in official organisations and are more chaplainy.

Those are my theories.
They all want to play the "I am kicking ass for my God!" card. Where they came from might not be a big enough difference in their personalities. I guess I am trying to figure out the best way to explain the RP nuances of the classes to them.

Are they all the same god?  That might be the difference.  Or race.  I don't see that there necessarily needs to be a huge difference between the three.  

although - the cleric is a leader role, a healer, possibly a spreader of the faith.  The paladin is a defender, a protector of others.  The avenger on the otherhand is a striker, a weapon of his god to deal out justice.


First of all, It’s not really the DM’s place to tell players (even in giving advice usually) how to or how not to RP a character; a better alternative is have them flush their characters out more. ((See LINK Above))

Also it sounds like they want to play the same Theme of character, but that doesn’t mean they are clones; think about real life, there are untold numbers of cops and soldiers who all work for the same ends, but look at the drastic differences in individuals and you can see how people can work for the same end, but go about it totally differently.


The diffenences between
A police officer fighting crime and helping citizens
A soldier deployed in another country fighting enemy soldiers and helping allys
A CIA cleaner makeing enemies disappear.  

I will leave it to you to decide what modern archtype gose with witch class

Just not a wizard (witch)   
The sea looks at the stabillity of the mountian and sighs. The mountian watches the freedom of the sea and cries.
They all want to play the "I am kicking ass for my God!" card. Where they came from might not be a big enough difference in their personalities. I guess I am trying to figure out the best way to explain the RP nuances of the classes to them.

That is entirely up to them.  Classes do not have attached personalities.  The characters are not even aware that they have a class, much less what it is or 'how it's supposed to act'.

The players are free to RP their characters in whatever manner they choose.  What nuances they have are their own decision.
Disclaimer: None of this looks into individual player styles, nor eccentricities.

So a pally, a cleric, and an avenger go into a bar.  While drinking, kobolds storm the area, lead by a big orc.
The pally marks the orc to keep it's attention.  He will also help in taking out the kobold if he can satisfy his mark conditions.
The cleric focuses on the minions.  He throws out healing spells and does his best to avoid getting surrounded.
The avenger throws his oath on the big orc.  He then proceeds to slide the orc around while using any burst attacks he has to hit more than just the one guy.

After the battle, they group survey the inn.  The cleric immediately starts to tend the wounded. 
The paladin checks outside to keep any more monsters from killing those inside the inn.
The avenger leaves in search of more enemies to stop or people to rescue, knowing that there is a place to come back to if more help is needed.

The next day, the town pays the group to go search for the goblin warcamp. 
The paladin leads the group, first in line should danger come calling.
The cleric walks jsut behind, watching the groups back.
The avenger scouts left and right, looking out for ambushes along the trail.

Hope that helps a little.  All three are working for their god.  But their skill set and abilities will favor certain actions over others.  The paladin's ability to take blows and keep attention, the cleric's wide range of healing and ability for keeping the flank from happening, and the avenger's oath requireing it be on one target till it's death(along with the skills the others don't have).
The cleric is more a caregiver, who tries to teach people the error of their ways.

The Paladin is a shining knight who sets the example of what his or her god wants.

The Avenger arranges the face to face meeting so that someone can explain to the God(dess) why he/she was unworthy of worship and apologize personally for his/her crimes.
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