Custom Warlock Homebrew

Here is a custom homebrew warlock class that I created based on the 10-8-12 playtest packet.

I changed some things that I am not sure about, most notably the way Eldritch Blast works, but I thought that it sounded like a fun idea.  I also added a few more invocations that a quick google search found when looking for ideas.  As for Pact Boons, I extended upon the provided pact and tried to come up with new ones that invoked the feeling of growing closer to Verenestra and I thought it works pretty well.  
To explain the class' spell casting bonus and weapon attack bonus increasing so quickly early is the idea that the warlock made their pact for power, so they get power a bit faster than a wizard would.  It also does not gain as large a bonus at end levels as a wizard because they do not understand the intricices of magic as a wizard would.

Anyway, I know this isn't perfect, but I wanted to submit it for some review.  I also realize they may release an updated warlock fairly soon, but I was working on this class for one of my players who seems to enjoy it through level 4 so far. 

Warlock Homebrew Class 
I like what you've done, except I think Warlocks should be Charisma based, not Intelligence. They didn't obtain their power through study like a Wizard, it comes naturally as part of a pact.
That makes sense to me.  I had just converted the warlock class from the 3rd playtest packet but Charisma-based Warlock makes perfect sense.  They have after all made a deal with a higher entity for their power, their ability to deal with the entity would affect their pact more than their knowledge of the entity.  I updated the class to reflect this.

Warlock Homebrew Class 
Overall I like it.

They are alot more narrow focus in range of abilities than a wizard.

I'm guessing they can wear Light armour?

Eldritch Blast, every round or every Other round?

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Funny, I never thought the Charisma was right for the Warlock. 

Intelligence makes sense – they have to research ancient, forbbiden tomes of lore in order to make pacts with powerful entities.

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I am a fan of the "deal with the devil" style warlocks. The ancient, forbidden tomes seem more cerebral and wizardly, whereas a warlock needs to be charismatic and egocentric to come out ahead in these relationships with higher powers. Unlike the cleric, he doesn't promise obedience or worship, only tit-for-tat style power transactions.
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