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*Edit* Updated the list to be more midrange, this new list will be more able to compete with the control match up as it already does great against aggro and other midrange decks.

4x avacyn's pilgrim
4x strangleroot geist 
4x dreg mangler
4x loxodon smiter
4x restoration angel
4x thragtusk
2x obzedat, ghost council

4x farseek
4x selesnya charm
3x abrupt decay

4x temple garden
4x overgrown tomb
4x woodland cemetery
4x sunpetal grove
2x godless shrine 
2x isolated chapel
2x vault of the archangel
1x forest
Bump with an update to the list.
I feel like Vampire Nighthawk is too good to not run, though I like your T2 aggressive plays if you hit your Arbor Dorks. I also feel like you're missing an opportunity by not playing Blind Obedience and Tragic Slip and Orzhov Charm.

I'm working on a list myself and haven't playtested it yet though, it looks like your creature list pretty much matches mine.

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I tried nighthawk but my meta has a lot of olivia so he would get stolen most of the time. I might side board him for the decks that don't run her. So far it's been fun going t1 dork, t2 smiter, t3 mangler swing and selesnya charm the mangler if they try to spear it or have a 3 power blocker.

I had also tried blind obedience but it seemed too slow to me since i'm putting down big threats for the mana they require so i almost always have bigger creatures than my opponent, but if your meta has plenty of haste i can see you running it. Btw ghost council is a beast of a card and fun to play with, just remember if your opponent has azzorius charm, never attack with him since they can bounce him and most likely counter him when played again. Just keep flipping him. When you get your list done post it up, i feel like people don't give JUNK as much love as they should.
if you're running just one mana dork, then avacyn's pilgrim is better than arbor elf since it will be far more consistent.

dreg mangler feels out of place in this deck. 

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I might give the pilgrim a try if arbor elf is too inconsistent which thankfully hasn't happened yet but still an option. Also dreg mangler is a beast in this deck and has helped me win many a match, especially after a board wipe. His scavenge effect is pretty good too later in the game, btw i have also thought about maybe geralf's messenger over the mangler if i can somehow figure out the mana base to make it a consistent thing since i'm running resto angel.
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