The Dungeon Master Experience: Where’s the Love?

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The Dungeon Master Experience
Where’s the Love?

By Chris Perkins

When I look back at the campaigns I’ve run, I see a lot of familiar themes again and again. However, one important theme is consistently underplayed.

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Spin the Cliché
Back in 3rd Edition when I was in the Navy and DMing the loose "adventure path" series of adventures that started with The Sunless Citadel...

The group is in the City of Greyhawk, attempting to learn what their next course of action should be after getting attacked out of the blue by a powerful marilith/chain-devil hybrid.  The annoying halfling psion slips a Potion of Love into the drink of Karmus, half-ogre fighter/cleric of Kord.  The first person he sees after imbibing the tainted beverage is Leshya, the half-elf druid/master-of-many-forms. 

Karmus then proceeds to woo her as only a half-ogre can...leaving freshly caught fish outside of her door, filling her room with flowers, etc.  Leshya avoids him at first but he eventually wins her over and they marry.

A prophetess then tells Karmus that, in order to defeat Ashardalon (big bad at the end of the last adventure) he must set aside one of the people he charishes most.  Karmus goes into overprotective mode, believing she is referring to Leshya. 

Turns out Karmus had to give up the intelligent greatsword he'd been carrying for most of the campaign in order to use a powerful dragonslaying sword.

This was all played out rather spontaneously by my players as the campaign progressed.  I just nudged things here and there to make things exciting.

All around helpful simian

Speaking of D&D and love, here's the Valentine's Day gift my teenage daughter got today...
Speaking of D&D and love, here's the Valentine's Day gift my teenage daughter got today...

Was it from you or from a guy?  If from a guy, that guy might be full of win.  And you might need to load the shotgun.
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Not me.  I'm not a shrinky-din kind of guy. 
Where did you get that neckless. Please send a link
My daughter was given it as a present from her Valentine.  I think he made it using a Shrinky Dink set.  LINK
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