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Hello! I need help making this mill deck survive in tournaments today.
Please take in mind that I do have a budget so feel free to suggest both expensive cards and affordable cards. Ex. "You should add 4x Watery Graves! That or add at least 2 more Dimir Guildgates!

Standard Mill Deck 
13 Creatures:
1x Evil Twin
1x Bloodline Keeper
2x Fog Bank
2x Consuming Aberration 
2x Dungeon Geists 
1x Snapcaster Mage
4x Wight of Precinct Six 

4 Enchantments
2x Death's Approach
2x Claustrophobia

4 Sorceries
2x Mind Grind
2x Increasing Confusion

15 Instants
1x Killing Glare
1x Syncopate
2x Thought Scour
2x Dream Twist
3x Victim of Night
3x Aetherize
2x Psychic Strike
1x Spectral Flight

24 Lands
2x Drowned Catacomb
2x Dimir Guildgate
3x Nephalia Drownyard
8x Island
9x Swamp

1x Rise from the Grave
1x Psychic Strike
1x Dinrova Horror
2x Fog Bank
2x Thought Scour
2x Dream Twist
1x Invisible Stalker
1x Spectral Flight
1x Victim of Night
1x Dissipate\
2x Gift of Orzhova

Here, I use creatures that get buff thanks to mill: Consuming Aberration and Wight of Precinct Six. I threw in one Spectral Flight to either one flying. I use Evil Twin to copy their Thragtusks and big creatures. I use Bloodline Keeper because it can win games on its own.

I use Nephalia DrownyardMind GrindIncreasing ConfusionThought Scour, Psychic Strike and Dream Twist to mill.

I use Psychic Strike and Syncopate to control. I use Killing GlareDeath's Approach, and Victim of Night for removal. I use Dungeon Geists and Claustrophobia to tap their Thragtusks and other big creatures. I use Fog Bank to keep blocking their biggest, non-trample creatures. My Aetherize buys me a turn like a FogSnapcaster Mage I can use like a wild card for countering, removing, and/ milling.

Feel free to suggest splashing colors and/or advice on how to properly play a mill deck. Thanks.

You should post this in the Standard Deck Help board just above here.
Standard Pauper! (play it on MTGO)
You should consider some (I would go 4) Jace's Phantasm as another creature.  I would take out Killing Glare and put in Ultimate Price or even Murder, Killing glare will cost at least 3 mana (since a 1 power is rarely a threat) and either card is a better alternative in my opinion.  I might swap 2 more Death's Approach for your 2 Claustrophobia.  They grant direct removal (assuming you've milled some) and prevent your opponent from flickering their creature on another turn. 
I'm not sure what to take out for it but consider Curse of the Bloody Tome, I have 4 in a mill deck I made (similar to the one you posted) and they work great once they come into play.
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