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I'm playing on my iPad and my Achievements seem to just disappear at a rate of about two a day.  Any idea why it does that?  I'm the only person playing and only have one profile.  It's really annoying.  Thanks.
Anybody?  I really need help with this.  I can't get my achievements up if they keep disappearing.  Frown
Known issue. It happens to most or all of us ipad players, along with ranking bugs, card bugs and so many other bugs that you will not be surprised after a few weeks
Isn't it nice that it will be on Android next year so we'll have a whole new set of bugs to deal with.
Sorry man, but it looks like ipad got supershafted by bugs

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Mastergear_Owen's take on Magic 2014 Campaign.

You know what I've got more issues. Whats up with the story in this game? The adverts said I was going to team up with Chandra and we were going to kick butt and chew bubblegum across the planes on a revenge campaign against some... guy she knew I guess? Who's Ramaz anyway? What do I get instead? I beat Chandra like 2 minutes in with a mono-green stompy thing Garruk gave me (why does he keep giving all these new planeswalkers his deck) and then I spent like 5 hours jumping from plane to plane picking up random nicknacks for her mantlepiece while she sits back back doing her nails or something. I was thrown in jail! I got hit by a Roil Storm twice! Do you know how many rats are on Ravnica, Chandra? All of them! All of the rats! All of the rats eating me!

Then we go kick her Ex's bearded-screaming-butt and what does she do to help? Nothing! She throws of the occasional fire ball and spends her time trying not to freeze to death. You should have worn pants Chandra. While we're on the subject what happened to your shoes? You had like Steelies on. Steelies are cool. Now your running around with stupid boots with like 5-inch heels? Thats not appropriate footware for Planeswalking! That's not appropriate footware for normal walking! At least Liliana is doing it for the whole 'evil is sexy' thing and can summon undead to carry her when she breaks her ankle. What are you going to do ride a Phoenix? Its made of fire! You'll fall right through! Man I should have gone Planeswalking with Liliana - yeah she'd crack my head open with a rock 5 minutes in and raise my corpse to serve her but at least we could have gone dancing!

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Thanks for the replies.  I certainly will not be buying DotP 2014 since they couldn't be bothered to fix the 2013 version.  Very disappointed.
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