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Looks like most of the popular RDW cards to me.

Desperate Ravings seems unnecesary. Maybe use that spot for a 2 or 3 drop creature like Lightning Mauler or Pyreheart Wolf? You will want some more fuel for that Batle Hymn.

Thunderbolt is usually sideboard, and you're already burn-heavy. I'd use the spot for a creature. Either one that I already mentioned, or even a Stonewright would work well here.

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Astarael7 wrote:
As for the weird implications you raised, we ignore them by sticking our fingers in our ears, squeezing our eyes shut, and yelling "LA LA LA LA LA LA LA" at the top of our lungs.
At only $0.25, I may try a set of the Lightning Mauler's, I'm going to see how this deck does in its current form this friday before I do anymore switching around. As for the Desperate Ravings, I like it just for the filtering it allows me and it also helps fill my hand as opposed to most red draw which is draw one then discard one, once I have 3 mana out, I can play everything in my deck and the Devil's Play's will be used only if I actually build up an abundance of mana or after a couple of Battle Hymn's, so the ravings are nice to get to all the fun stuff and get rid of unnecessary mana. I'm also working on getting a playset of Burn at the Stake so I can use Tibalt's ultimate and steal all the creatures then tap them all and burn face.
Dunno how much I like the "at random," have you considered Faithless Looting?
I don't know what your definition of budget is but Ash Zealot is way better than the Rakdos Shred-Freak as a two drop in mono red.  They are also much less expensive than the Vexing Devil that you already run.  Especially when you are trying to play Guttersnipe the zealot would be something to fear for the opponent early. She has the same toughness/damage count but the first strike may draw aggression towards her and away from your goblin who you will be trying to cast next turn.

I run Zealots in my RDW and she is always welcome and often a monster if you get a couple going early.
I would like to get the ash zealots but paying 4 bucks a piece is a little out of my range atm. I actually traded for the devils but no one where i play has the zealots for trade right now. I may save up for them and maybe Stromkirk Noble as well but right now this is what ive got.
I think Gore-House Chainwalker is a better 2-drop than shred-freak. Also Battle-hymn and Desperate ravings are not verry good in this setup. Wild Guess is better than ravings with only red mana and you will not build up enough creatures to make battle-hymn worth-while. Madcap Skills is a fine card, particularly if you get some Pyreheart Wolf as another sudgested. I know it's comforting to have a card like devil's play in the deck for the theoretical late game - but in practice when the game goes late it already bad news and if you draw it early you would rather have a card that would help you win now.

-4 shred freak
-2 Devil's play (one is probaly okay)
-3 Battle-hymn 
-4 Desperate Ravings

+4 Chainwalker
+2 Wild Guess
+3 Madcap Skills
+4 Pyreheart Wolf 

I agree and disagree with a lot of what Zauzich is saying.

Agree - Devil's PlayBattle Hymn,  and Desperate Ravings  are all cards that need to be removed from this build. 

Agree/Disagree - You should add EITHER Pyreheart Wolf  OR Madcap Skills - not both. If you add the wolf then you should add Furor of the Bitten  instead of Madcap. If you add Madcap then I would add other creatures instead of the wolf, like Lightning Mauler.

Disagree - You should not be worried about card draw, if you are - put in more Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded  and not a spell that nets you one card (if you cast a spell to draw 2 cards you have netted +1 card).  Also disagree with this Rakdos Shred-Freak/Gore-House Chainwalker assessment. The Shred-Freak can swing the turn it comes into play, the Chainwalker cannot. On the second turn the Shred-Freak swings for a total (during 2 turns) of 4 points of damage. On the second turn the Chainwalker is swinging for the first time and only does 3 points of damage if he is unleashed. Shred-Freak nets more damage faster. BOTH creatures die to Searing Spear and yes, the Shred-Freak dies to Pillar of Flame, but he's already done 2 damage by the time the Pillar hits, the Chainwalker can be removed with almost any sorcery speed removal without throwing a punch (or removed instantly with a Spear like I said before).

Get another Searing Spear into this build. If you insist on playing Guttersnipe and only 8 other creatures (I don't consider Vexing Devil  a creature) then you should throw in a playset of Krenko's Command  just to get some bodies out there. Unless you really kick up the amount of creatures in this build I would not consider running that playset of Burn at the Stake that you are working on.

I don't like shredfreak because it trades with Arbor Elf or gets trumped by things like Augur of Bolas. It does take two aditional turns for chainwalker to pull even then ahead on damage vs a goldfish but the bigger body can matter if they have blockers. A 4th searing spear is certanly right. The Wolf and Madcap are redundant - for some reason I was thinking one of the two had a Ripscale Predator effect instead.
Dude. Add 4x Pyreheart wolf, hands down, and 4x Hellriders if you have the money.
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