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This came up at a recent tournament. A player cast a Charm spell ( I believe it was Azorius Charm) He announced the spell and asked if his opponent had a response... the Opponent asked Mode? As in which effect he was declaring for the charm. He stated to be announced. His opponent stated that he had to declare the mode as he was casting it, and as thus if anyone were to say reverberate it they could only copy it in the mode named as all other modes disappear. Is this correct? Or can you announce the spell and declare the mode AFTER your opponent declares if they have any response...

Thanks in advance.

700.2a The controller of a modal spell or activated ability chooses the mode(s) as part of casting that spell or activating that ability. If one of the modes would be illegal (due to an inability to choose legal targets, for example), that mode can’t be chosen. (See rule 601.2b.)
That is to say, the mode must be chosen when the spell is cast (moved from your hand to the stack), then the opponent gets to respond.
The mode and targets are chosen as the spell is cast. All players will know which mode was picked by the time they respond or not. If you copy a spell via Reverberate, it'll have the same mode, and this can't be changed.
Interesting good to know though. Gives the opponent some what of an advantage knowing that in advance to decide to respond or not. I can see the logic to it just wasn't familiar with the cited rulings.
its not too different to a player trying to cast a doom blade and refusing to state the target until its resolved
In the case of Azorius Charm, one of the modes targets.  Since targets have to be chosen when the spell is put on the stack, it seems pretty clear that the mode would have to be chosen first as well.