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The primary goal is to make an LFR legal build for levels 8 and 11 that made the maximum use of the "trample" encounter power of mounted horses (not a great power but it I think it would be amusing in a normally bland heroic game). Eventually it led to a Charisma Primary Human Cavalier (It seems only cavaliers and beastmasters have access to horses oujt of the box) Hordelands nomad and the lesser badge of berserker (+4 to all defenses when charging) seems unusually appropriate in this circumstance. The Dex secondary is mostly there for the potential MC feat of Sly dodge (Rogue) and later surprising charge. Not sure if thats worth not pumping constitution. 

Items are follwing the standard 3 uncommon items +Gold format for new characters. As a result the weapon and neck slot are in the +2 tier. 

Level 11 Summary

====== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ======

Dex/Cha Cavalier, level 11 Human, Paladin (Cavalier),
Adroit Explorer Virtue: Virtue of Valor
Cavalier Option: Summoned Steed
Ambitious Effort Option: Ambitious Effort New Power
Human Power Selection Option: Bonus At-Will Power
Theme: Hordelands Nomad


AC: 30 Fort: 20 Ref: 27 Will: 28 HP: 87 Surges: 11 Surge Value: 23

TRAINED SKILLS Diplomacy +16, Endurance +9, Insight +10, Intimidate +16, Religion +9
UNTRAINED SKILLS Acrobatics +4, Arcana +4, Athletics +1, Bluff +11, Dungeoneering +5, Heal +5, History +4, Nature +7, Perception +5, Stealth +4, Streetwise +11, Thievery +4

Basic Attack: Melee Basic Attack
Basic Attack: Ranged Basic Attack
Multiple Class Utility: Defender Aura
Paladin Attack: Holy Smite
Paladin Attack: Righteous Radiance
Paladin Utility: Righteous Shield
Paladin Utility: Call Celestial Steed Feat
Utility: Bathed in the Light
Feat Attack: Sunspray Dance
Paladin Attack 1: Virtuous Strike
Paladin Attack 1: Vengeful Strike
Paladin Attack 1: Majestic Halo
Paladin Attack 1: Valorous Smite
Paladin Utility 2: Restore Vitality
Paladin Utility 2: Call of Challenge
Paladin Utility 8: Spirit of the Virtuous Charger
Paladin Attack 9: Shout of Condemnation
Hordelands Nomad Utility 10: Hooves of Etugen

Mounted Combat
Level 1: Action Surge
Level 1: Master at Arms
Level 2: Sunspray Heritage
Level 4: Sunspray Warrior
Level 6: Improved Initiative
Level 8: Superior Reflexes
Level 10: Superior Will
Level 11: Holy Steed

ITEMS Veteran's Plate Armor +3 x1 Lesser Badge of the Berserker +2 x1 Vanguard Lance +2 x1 Tusk Shield Light Shield Heavy Shield x1 Lancing Gloves x1 Impenetrable Barding (heroic tier) Riding Boots x1 ====== End ======

Theme: Hordelands Nomad
 - Free Mounted Combat Feat
 - +5 Saving Throws aginst prone effects while mounted(??)
 - Level 10 utility is an interupt negating a forced movement for both me and the mount

Trample Power: 
The mount moves its speed (9 with boots), during this movement the mount may enter the squares of small and medium creatures. When it does so it makes the following attack. The movement does provoke opportunity attacks
+14 (level 11) vs Reflex. Hit: 2d8 + Cha +Cha (holy steed feat) and the target is knocked prone. 

Basic Math @11:
average SMH: 112
average SMAC: 25
Average SMNAD: 23
Average SM attack Rating: +16

Turn 1:
Minor Action:??
Move Action: Move 9 squares
Standard Action: Charge (CA due to superior reflexes)

+21 Vs AC (85% Hit chance)
2d10 + 5 (mount) + 2 (gloves) + 2 (weapon) + 6 (charisma) + 10 (Holy Smite)
36 Average Damage

*optional, Apply minor action daily on weapon to add +1 attack and +Cha to all damage rolls on all ally damage rolls, incluing the mount?, until start of next turn 

Action Point:
Trample: (Veterans Armor and Action Surge kick in for +4 to attack rolls), 95% hit rate??
2d8 + 6 + 6
21 damage

Personal Defenses:
Charging results ina personal defense of 32 (25% chance to be hit)
Mount gets a +2 to all defenses from Holy steed
Defender Aura would reduce single target attacks vs Horse by 2 (resulting in an overall 5% chance to hit the horse during trample)

Do Lancing Gloves, Tusk shield, Sunspray Warrior feat and Veterans Armor actually apply to the celestial Warhorse? 

I'd advise reformatting your CB summary, it's very hard to read without line breaks.
A Beginners Primer to CharOp. Archmage's Ascension - The Wizard's Handbook. Let the Hammer Fall: Dwarf Warpriest/Tactical Warpriest/Indomitable Champion, a Defending Leader. Requiem for Dissent: Cleric/Fighter/Paragon of Victory Melee Leader Ko te manu e kai i te miro, nona te ngahere. Ko te manu e kai i te matauranga e, nano te ao katoa. It's the proliferation of people who think the rules are more important than what the rules are meant to accomplish. - Dedekine
I'd advise reformatting your CB summary, it's very hard to read without line breaks.

whoops, fixed it.
Ok, so the Uthgardt Barbarian Theme is utterly terrible...except in the specific case of a mounted trample build. Check out the entry power. Pack Outcast is also useful for auto-CA.

 - +5 Saving Throws aginst prone effects while mounted(??)

Addressing the (??) here - when you're mounted and knocked prone, you get a saving throw to stay on your mount and not be knocked prone. So it's a nice perk, but I'd really take a good look at other themes. I want that theme to be good, but it just doesn't offer a whole lot.

Also, on Turn 1 your minor is going to be activating your defender's aura, unless you can convince your DM that it's a needless action tax, or that you just spam it all day long outside of combat since it's at-will.

When figuring out trample damage, you're giving your mount bonuses only granted to you (Action Surge), which doesn't work. Your mount is your ally. Your action point is being used to command the mount, not make the attack. And likewise, no, all the other stuff that gives you bonuses does not apply to the mount. The mount just gets bonuses that you can grant to your allies.