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I tried a deck similar to this before Gatecrash and it just couldn't connect soon enough with all the aggro.  Now with the release of Glaring Spotlight, I'd like to try again.  Here's a rough deck list i'm thinking of.  I used to run card draw but now I'm trying stalling tactics instead with the Fog idea.  Anybody have any thoughts?  Feel free to tear it apart as I haven't spent a whole lot of time on it.  


Glaring Spotlight is pointless here. It's just stupid.

I made a version of this deck a while back, I can't say its really any better honestly, I wouldn't try to just fog into a long game, just add another thragtusk and pair it with deadeye navigator and just blink them 50 times for 1 million life and you will be fine.

I don't know why glaring spotlight  is in the deck, doesn't make any since at all, I would add some kill spells/sweepers to the deck, maybe mizzium mortars, supreme verdict, cyclonic rift, rolling temblor, blasphemous act  or terminus  for the sweepers, then some oblivion rings, searing spear, azorius charm  or any other effective kill spells to hold them off.

you should add devil's play  to the deck for sure, it can be used as removal then later flashed back once you have your combo going for a finishing hit, I would add jace, architect of thought  to the deck if you can he can delay the enemy while letting you draw at the same time, think twice  or forbidden alchemy  would be good for this deck it would allow you to search for the combo pieces and with gilded lotus  you can flash back forbidden alchemy  easily.

honestly you won't need 4 deadeye navigators, zealous conscripts, or gilded lotus, 3 is probably fine if you get enough draw, you'll find them fast enough with forbidden alchemy; on a personal note I would suggest splashing black and adding increasing ambition  to the deck, a diabolic tutor  effect that can be used twice is a combo decks bread and butter...

You have a TON of shocklands. a total of 17. I know you plan on fogging it all damage but burn can still get through and with 17 painlands it seems like a lot. What's your strategy here? Do you end up taking a lot or do they come into play tapped a lot?
I think I'll take out the prevent cards and put in burn instead.  And Glaring Spotlight I will move to the sideboard but it is most certainly not pointless.  With the fog idea I could see some confusion.  With the burn idea I have 3 points.  1st: Invisible Stalker,Rancor,Ethereal Armor.  I believe what we have here is a turn 5 win against my burn deck?  Glaring Spotlight, that turns into a big middle finger (It also works well against St. Traft and Primal Huntbeast.)  2nd:  It is an excellent target for cards that can remove artifacts.  If people play them, they won't have a whole lot which decreases the chances of them having one for my lotus which is very much needed.  3rd: It's secondary ability allows me to win on the turn I achieve my combo.  A simple burn/kill spell and a little brains and even if my combo is on the field they can Murder or Searing Spear my creatures.  So, I believe it will be a good sideboard card.  Which now opens 16 spots in the deck.  So should I do half burn half draw or all burn?  


I avoided Devil's Play because the X cmc could get rather pricey and really turns 1 - 4 are the problems and I'll probably only be able to burn for 2 which puts it at 3cmc making all 4 of the other burn spells a better option.

4 Amass the Components
4 Forbidden Alchemy
4 Think Twice
4 Fleeting Distraction
4 Divination
4 Inaction Injunction
I don't like Faithless Looting and the like because I played those before I always ended up having to discard stuff that I needed.  Every card in my hand I will need, whether that be a land, a draw spell, or one of the win cons.
They definitely come into play tapped most of the time and are basically just options for farseek.
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