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Any word on what the date for the 5e realms is?   

None that I've heard of yet. I hope to hear soon.
I guess I'll just add a few years to the current 4e date and hope for the best.      

Any word on what the date for the 5e realms is?   

At the very earliest, you're looking at mid-2014.  It's unlikely they'll put out a 5E Realms campaign guide until The Sundering books are completely out.  That series will re-shape Faerun for 5E.  And the second book, The Godborn by Paul Kemp, won't be released in hardback until October 2013.  Three more novels come after that.

Honestly, I think it's unlikely the 5E FRCG will appear before 2015.

If it helps at all, Erin Evans' novel Brimstone Angels: Lesser Evils ends on 1 Eleasias, the Year of the Dark Circle (1478 DR).  She leaves a number of cliffhangers - and I can't possibly imagine that they'd wrap them up in a clumsy manner before her Sundering novel comes out: The Adversary.  Evans' writing is tight and rich in individual characterization, so jumping to the Adversary without letting her explore those storylines and cliffhangers would be really weird and unfortunate, I think.  My guess for her novel at least is that it will pick up fairly close to where it left off.

That said, it's really a big "who knows?" because they might set the Sundering in 1478 and then choose to advance the timeline anyway.  I imagine we won't know until the Sundering is completely over and finished.

Still - the upcoming Baldur's Gate Sundering adventure might be a clue to the timeline, in that WotC has an unusual plan to get feedback on how we - as gamers - finished out the adventure.  Then they'll take, in theory, some kind of composite of gamers' final outcomes and make it canon. Not sure how that will play out, but it could be a clue to the setting timeline / year of play.

well perhaps I'll go with 1480 DR

Mid to Late 1480's is what I am using right now.  I've also began to mix a lot of suggested intrigues that point at Deity's that were lost to the Spellplague events are still venerated in some areas and something has began to answer to the Cleric's prayers.  Whether it is the Fallen God or some other deceptive force that the players have not yet discovered.  But the isolated temple to the Vigilant One has never lost hope or faith as it is in their Dogma and somehow their divine power is being granted.  In the end they will find out if it was truly their Faith or some strange foul macinations of the Prince of Lies....Don't want to say much more than that if the players hit the Boards...WinkSealed
I figure August (that adventure's still coming out, right?)  Maybe the novels will expand on it?  That's my guess.  Anyway, I'm just hoping I'll get Realms specific crunch and continue my group's Realms timeline.  (We left off at a "star" slamming into the outskirts of Anauroch.  I'm psyched to continue it in 5e.  By the looks of it, we're going Blackmoor/Barrier Peaks with this.  That or some trippy Far Realm-y type things.  If not that, I call Spelljammer crossover!  Considering the current DM is a bigger sci-fi geek than me, I wouldn't hold either against him)

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