The Lawbringer versus Old Faith

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I am having a hard time with the deities portion of my character background. I am creating a cleric for D&D Encounters: Against the Cult of Chaos.

What is confusing me is the Lawbringer versus Old Faith.

"For RP purposes, it's recommended that you choose a religious affiliation: (1) Lawbringer, or (2) Old Faith. The Lawbringer represents justice, law, battle, commerce, strength, civilization, and order. The Old Faith represents nature, balance, magic, the primal energies, luck, fate, and the wildness of life."

Does this mean my character should NOT select one of the PHB deities at all? Does Lawbringer and Old Faith represent 2 different deities, or is it more of a philosophy or approach to how to worship whatever deity you have chosen? For example, can one player pick Bahamut with the Lawbringer affiliation, and another player pick Bahamut with the Old Faith affiliation?
There is a discussion regarding possible cleric powers for the 2 factions elsewhere. But it does not address the fundamental meaning of why we are being asked to choose between the 2 factions.  
Bahamut would fall under the Lawbringer affiliation. As to why we have asked for this Lawbringer vs. Old Faith thing, that might play itself out in the course of the adventure, if your DM chooses to highlight that part of the adventure.
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