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Wandering Monsters
They Might Be Giants

By James Wyatt

James wraps up this segment of creatures from Greek mythology with the cyclops and the titan, then he goes over the ettin. Come read what he has to say and provide your own feedback on what you see.

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Fairest of Them All
1st Edition Premium Reprint Preview 
Unearthed Arcana: Thief-Acrobat

By D&D Team

Originally published in 1985, Unearthed Arcana brought a wealth of material to the game, for both players and Dungeon Masters alike. For players, the book contained new classes and races to play (including the drow!), further spells and equipment, and even an alternate ability score: Comeliness (reflecting physical attractiveness, social grace, and personal beauty, and was considered a different attribute from Charisma).

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Appendix d12
How to Irritate a Barbarian

By Jason Sholtis

How to irritate a Barbarian. This table provides more fodder for individualizing your wilderness-born warrior PCs and NPCs, this time with special circumstances that might provoke suddenly explosive responses from the unlettered lugs.

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