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I'm trying to put together an izzet style spell focused deck. thing is I'm much more familiar with creature focused decks. death by monster horde simply makes sense to me. this time I'm trying to shake things up.

most of what I have on hand is after scars of mirroden and I'm kinda on a budget.

I think the main thrust of the deck is to use things like guttersnipe and burning vengeance to milk my spells for everything I can get. I can think of a few other critter tricks, like infernal plunges on priest of urabrask for mana boom or getting a storm of red spells on the stack and abusing cinder pyromancers as they resolve or.......... but I'm getting away from the spells. again.

I'm trying to get a more controlish feel without an army on the field, and it feels like I'm learning the game all over again. can you guys help me find some good and nasty spell based win cons?
21 hours and 17 views huh? I'm feeling the love guys.....realy.

how about a tentative decklist?

this is just what I've put together from spares, and there is a lot of room for improvement. can you guys think of any good ways to make this better?
its a pet peeve of mine when people put mill cards in a deck thats not mill. if your focusing on the whole casting spells theme...i suggest adding these cards

kiln fiend
wee dragonauts
nivmagus elemental (works really well with can exile the copies)
talrand, sky summoner
lobber crew?
sphinx-bone wand 

i see you already have guttersnipe, which is always good ummmmm, instead of putting in expensive cards with expensive flashbacks (but keep snapcaster mage), i suggest adding in creatures like archaeomancer and izzet chronarch

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