DnD 4th Wednesdays 6:30-10:30 PST Starting 2/13

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Long time DM, first time roll20 user looking to get what is hopefully a long running game on rolld20 started this week. Time will likely be the same Wednesdays going forward. Looking for between 4 and 6 players with voice chat using the default roll 20 interface. Since this will be my first time using the web interface, a good attitude and patience would be much appreciated in potential players. 

    I'm looking to run a game with what I consider to be "traditional" DnD tropes. Imposing orc fortresses, fortified dragon lairs and long lost dwarven ruins will all make an appearance. You'll find an ancient relic of power, topple a tyrant, and hopefully save the world somewhere along the way. I'd like to limit the players to the martial, arcane and divine power sources, plus the barbarian class, as well as races in PHB 1, plus half orcs. I understand that some players feel uncomfortable when their choices are limited, but I'd really like to stick to the classic feel of the base game. 

     I expect the first session will mostly be some getting to know each other in character, some hack and slash through a few small time bad guys, and a little discussion about what you players enjoy in a campaign. Character start level will be level one, and I am aiming for a mix of 65% combat, 35% roleplay and 100% fun. Since this will be the first time I'll be using this interface, hopefully we'll snag an experienced user or two that can lend some pointers on making things run smoothly. 

    Please email me at pmaclyman@gmail.com with a few words about the degree of your experience with the Dnd 4th edition system, the role or roles you'd prefer to fill in the party, and a firm commitment to making at least the next two wednesdays. If you have a fleshed out character concept you'd like to play, go ahead and send me a rundown on that as well. 

Looking forward to high adventure,


RollD20 is a very nice interface. I am new to it myself, though the GM of our game seems to have a good grip on how to use it.
I think you will be very happy with it.
Yes it is good, very simple to get to grips with and with a very good intro video.

Hello Coldaine,

I would be very interested in playing, your games run between 9:30 and 1:30 am my time which is perfect for me as I work late mornings - evenings every Wednesday! I am fairly new at the game but I am willing to learn and am very patient (especially since this program seems to be new to you - and me).