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I am looking for more cards like Hunted Dragon and the other hunted creatures. Cards that are capable of giving your opponents creatures.
I know of the hunted creatures, Forbidden Orchard and Varchild's War-riders. Mogg Infestation could work, I guess if they have a few creatures already. These are the only cards I know of. Does anybody know of anymore in any color? Thanks
I have to ask why would you want to give you opponent creatures?
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Beast Within, Alliance of Arms, Sleeper Agent and to a lesser extent Gilded Drake and Genesis Chamber.

(Maybe) we can help more if we know the reason you want to know.
As long as we're counting Terastodon and Beast Within, may as well add Pongify and Pongify
Great card, Alliance of Arms is exactly what I am looking for. The more creatures I can give my opponent the better. I am looking for some alternatives to Forbidden Orchard for budget reasons. Here is a deck list that I am trying to improve. Thanks again for Alliance of Arms. This card should help out a ton.
The 'Gryffs can give your opponent one creature per spent.

Questing Phelddagrif

If you're making your deck so multicolored anyway, Rakdos Charm (primarily for its last ability, but also spot artifact removal or graveyard hate) is a natural fit.

This thread has definitely opened my eyes to some nice combos to exploit sometime though.  Suture Priest + Phelddagrif... gonna have to get a Suture Priest into my Phelddagrif EDH deck when I rebuild it.  And Mogg Infestation should pair nicely with Izzet Staticaster.
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