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Hi folks, 

My group just got do level 13 and they have like +18 on their attacks.

Fact is the correponding levle monsters i see have like 26 AC tops(less even for the other defences).

 So, the die is almost useless, like they are hittin thing with 4 or 5!!.

Forgive me if this is normal, but i got a bit frustrated. 
Yep, that sounds reasonable.

This game has an expected 60% to hit ratio or thereabouts.  Accurate characters get closer to 80%, can get more than that, particularly with good buffing leaders.

Don't worry, it's working perfectly.
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Level 13 monster should have AC 27 and NADs 25, give or take a point or two. An AC of "tops" 26 at that level seems low unless you have a rather limited pool of creatures to check out.

Characters are expected to hit level-equivalent monsters on 8+ but an optimized party can lower that a bit.
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