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Hi guys, 

me and my mage player have been wondering 2 things:

1 - a staff is one hand or 2 hand weapon?

2 - If its 2 hand, can a mage use 2 staff(one in each hand) and get the dual implement effect?

I mean, its odd to use 2, 2-hand weapon, even as an implement.

Thanks in advance. 
1: Staff is a 2-handed weapon, but can be used one-handed as an implement, like any implement.

2: Yes, you can use 2 staves for Dual Implement Spellcaster.
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note that if you are using two staves for dual implement spellcaster, you will not be able to use either staff for melee attacks such as oppurtunity attacks because it requires two hands when used as a weapon.
Take the staff fighting feat and that will solve the multiple item issue. I know folks like to wield 2 different implements for different enchants but RAW Staff Fighting/Dual Implement Spellcaster single wield a Staff in both hands will grant the bonuses.
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