Barbarian lacks stickiness

Barbarians are big sacks of hit points that take only half-damage when raging, so a barbarian seems like he should occupy a defender-like role. However, when raging the barbarian is unable to take reactions and so he can't take opportunity attacks.

Intelligent enemies have no reason to attack the barbarian, because they can just walk right past and aim for the wizard or cleric instead.

A barbarian's rage should be a trade-off in some way, but losing the ability to "threaten" enemies shouldn't be the way to do it.
It all depends on the party composition. If you're fighting: Barb, Fighter(protector)Wizard, and a ranger fighter or rouge, the fighter locks people down while the barb goes to town.
The Barbarian's role while raging is not to defend his team, but to destroy their backline

It is literally like playing Olaf in league of legends, you use your ultimate to destroy their carry. Just like how Barbarians use their rage to destroy their wizards and clerics

The half damage mechanic is because if he rushes into the backline there WILL be smart monsters who will focus him down, because its the smart thing to do - ie divide and conquer, isolate and destroy

The monsters have no way of knowing that he wont go down easy, often times its an angry, drunk naked guy in no armor. Why is that naked guy so hard to kill?!
So the Barbarian is kind of an 'Invader' class? Sounds cool!

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