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Hey Everyone,

Basicly I am relativly new to D&D and I am looking either for a group or to start one.  preferably an Online D&D group so via skype vent or mumble and some source of displaying the maps. feel free to contact me via email or skype.

email - mawzor34@gmail.com 
skype - maws34 
Good luck finding an online gaming group! Sites and forums like this and roll20.net are great resources.

As you are new to D&D, I just wanted to let you know that the term "OD&D" means "original D&D," which is far different than 4e!
thanks for the help.

and thanks i assumed from previous posts that i had seen that it meant online looks like my newb is showing.

but yeah its actually proving to be quite hard to find anyone for creating or joining an online group but im sure it will just take time.

however through meetup.com i was able to find a local game group that plays dnd once a month right in my area so thats really good

but again thank you for the help 
Hello Mawz, there are a number of good virtual tabletops. The very good ones such as Fantasy Grounds, and itabletop do have a cost associated with them. Maptools is also very good, and Roll20 and Google Hangouts are also good, but I don't know about the cost, or the learning curve, because I quit when I got so frustrated with them I wanted to take a batleth to my computer.
       The one I use is the RPGTO, it was originaly the WotC Beta Virtual Tabletop, and because it was a WotC product, a number of features that had a very high ease of use were incorporated into the product. To list what I love about it, a very easy character import straight from the character builder, map tiles included in the program, so no need to google, cut, paste, paint and adjust the pixel size, monsters easily imported from the adventure tools, and a very large pool of potential players. WotC never fully developed all the features they promised and gave it up to GameTableOnline (GTO), it's original developers. GTO has worked with WotC so that we can still import Character Builder characters, monsters, and we still have map tiles. But, since GTO took it over we have a huge number of map tiles, a huge number of PC and monster tokens, and far, far better customer service. But, the pool of potential players went down, (so far it's really the only downside to the move). And, since it's the one I use and play. I can give you the links. All of the basic features are free, and you can absolutely use just the basic tools to make awesome campaigns and play for free. There is a cost for the extra tiles and tokens, but, we played with less than the basic tools for over a year and had a very grand time with it. It's an awesome bunch of guys, and you'll love gaming with them.
      First, go to  www.gametableonline.com/welcome.php&nbsp... and create an account. (You'll have to cut and paste since I can't seem to get the link to work.

     Then go to rpgtableonline.com/welcome.php and check out the tools. I have a tutorial table in Open Sessions to ease the learning curve, but, it's easy enough to learn even without it. The link is actually that great big RPG banner at the top of the home page, but, I thought I'd include it here anyway.

     Here's the link for the GTO Finding Players and Campaigns thread, it's a topic about halfway down the page  www.gametableonline.com/forum/viewforum....

    And here's the link for the WotC Finding Players and Campaigns thread  community.wizards.com/dndbeta/go/forum/v...
Many DM's post their games in both, but, they're both for the GTO, not a different system.

Hope this helps, and happy gaming whatever tool you decide to use.

Smiles Tablebane


Good luck finding an online gaming group! Sites and forums like this and roll20.net are great resources.

As you are new to D&D, I just wanted to let you know that the term "OD&D" means "original D&D," which is far different than 4e!

Now, if he wanted to play some OD&D online, then I might join up. 

OD&D, 1E and 2E challenged the player. 3E challenged the character, not the player. Now 4E takes it a step further by challenging a GROUP OF PLAYERS to work together as a TEAM. That's why I love 4E.

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