Merfolk Mischief deck

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This is my merfolk deck that tries to REALLY abuse all the merfolk with tap or becomes tapped abilities from the Lorwyn blocks, using Intruder Alarm&Stonybrook Schoolmaster with tap engines. Suggestions are welcome but keep in mind This doesn't really ever attack so Lords aren't needed, I do have a traditional Aggro Merfolk deck that I might post later.


Nifty, but Leonin Bola seems sort of undwewhelming here. I'd recomend Feeling of Dread. It's temporary, but your opponant won't see it coming, lets you sneak through more damage or activate an ability or both.
It is weak in here, but I built the deck when the Lorwyn block came out and I needed a few more tap engines. Feeling of dread didn't exist then, and when innistrad block came out I wasn't thinking about this deck so I missed it. I know I'll swap them because being able to draw 1-4 and/or mill 3-12 cards while gaining 2-4 life all for 2-4 mana is awesome.