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I've recently been thinking about doing a campaign for my players that would take them to the Astral Plane, but I have a question that I can't seem to find the answer to. 

On the Forgotten Realms Wiki, it says that "The Astral Sea is unique in that it is infinitesimal instead of infinite; there is no space or time here, though both catch up with you when you leave." My question pertains to the last bit. What exactly does it mean by "catch up"? How does "time" work in the Astral Sea?

Do you actually age while in it? Does your age remain a constant? If the last is true, it brings up the "catch up" question... If you spend 10 years in the Astral Sea, but don't age there due to the timelessness, do you age 10 years when you finally exit? Or is it that time spent in the Astral Sea doesn't move for you, but when you exit, everything has moved forward without you (I think of it this way because it's essentially Space, and the logic behind space dictates that the further you would be from your home, time moves differently, so you could age 2 years in the time the Earth ages 50 let's say).

I understand that these might just be DM possibilities, but I want to stick as closely to the realism of the Astral Plane. Also, if it says anything about it in the Supplemental Material, could you just tell me please? I'm trying not to use premade campaigns for my players.

Thanks in advance, and let me know if I need to clarify anything. 
These are open ended issues really. You won't find anything concrete anywhere in a book because they are meant to be abstract so that the players and DM can work them in as they desire, or leave them out if they don't interest them.

So, yea, whatever floats your boat.

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From what I've gathered, time moves extremely slowly in the Astral Plane in the old 'Great Wheel' cosmology (from 1e to 3e). 1 day in the Material Plane is about 1000 years in the Astral.

The FR changed at some point to the 'World Tree' cosmology, which had a slight update - time sort of stands still in the Astral Plane, but catches up when you exit. This means that yes, 10 years in the Astral means you are suddenly hit with 10 years of age when you exit.

A quick perusal of my 4e materials and I haven't found any mention of time in the Astral Sea, so it sounds like a DM fiat sort of situation. I recommend messing with time a little bit, I feel it makes planar travel that more 'otherworldly.'
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My interpretation of 'catch up' would be ...

You enter the Astral Sea at age 25.  You stay in there ten years.  You are still 25, until you cross the threshold back into the real world, then you abruptly age ten years and are 35.
Thanks for the responses, everyone! I too like the idea of messing with time, and since you show there's not really concrete evidence out there, I will gladly do so. I'm a big fan of events transpiring at different speeds, so I think I'm going to go with that. Thanks again with the help .

 If you're going to be playing shenanigans with your campaign's timeline, make sure you keep detailed notes and charts about when and where everybody is along the base timeline, particularly major NPCs whose plotlines may or may not have advanced during the times when your players were off doing things in LaLaLand where time stands still...


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My interpretation of 'catch up' would be ...

You enter the Astral Sea at age 25.  You stay in there ten years.  You are still 25, until you cross the threshold back into the real world, then you abruptly age ten years and are 35.

Which can result in a nasty surprise for mortals returning to the world for a quick visit after spending 100 years on the astral plane only to die and turn to dust the second the enter the world Surprised

Denizens of the astral plane (like the githyankti) used spells to prevent that when having to visit the world (e.g. they had their nurseries there since their children otherwise couldn't grow up on the astral plane).

However this is all pre-4e. In 4e the did away with that time difference thing for the astral sea

I think with the Astral specifically I would handle it like this: If you just take a small trip, say you spelljam to Celestia or something like that, then time probably flows pretty close to the normal rate. Perhaps when you return a week passed instead of 3 days or something. This would maybe be significant in a LONG journey, but not much in a brief mission. OTOH if you travel far into the deep Astral, beyond the known domains of the major gods, then time could start to become a more abstract thing. You might travel for subjective hours and find that centuries have passed elsewhere, or vice versa. Time might even behave in stranger ways in some distant and unusual areas. The 4e Astral is an infinite plane and if you travel far enough it is hinted that all sorts of things might be found floating out there, lost domains, demi-planes, ancient gateways to the Far Realm, dead gods and primordials, etc. You might even come to a whole other natural world if you travel far enough.
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