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so im looking into making a new map for a new world im wanting to create...

i have an idea on what i want it to be, but i dont want to do a hand drawn map i want it to be a little more high tech so to say...

anyone have ideas of programs i can use or maybe some photoshop tutorials i can follow to make one?

everything i have found doesnt work for what i want to do or are really really complex...     
well i found some alright tutorials on

so if anyone runs into the same problem here is a start....

hey gives a pretty nice tool set and its pretty easy to follow along if you somewhat know photoshop...

if anyone else has anything to add it would be great or
if you have any questions on what i ended up doing let me know...   
If you've got money to spare, I recomend checking out and their Campaign Cartographer 3 program. it's amazing for mapping out worlds, they've also got expansions like City maker, for campaign cities. plus they have annual expansions, that have texture packs and upgrades. It can get pricey but I'd sya it's worth it, once you get it and watch the tutorials.

Using Campaign Cartographer 3 and the 2012 annual expansion (which has some great texture packs) I made this map for my current campaign

and here's  a city map i found on google which is really cool using the city map maker expansion and one of the annuals.

i'd also like to note that after watching the tutorial video on youtube that it links you to upon using the program, it's pretty easy to use. In 3 hours I watched the tutorials, and made that map of my world that I linked to you.

Edit: you can also check out this blog on profantasy;
         They post user submitted maps made from their programs, so you can get a better idea of the range of the programs, if you're remotely interested.
I've found the links collected in work really well, but I'm not sure which one you might prefer specifically.
For an old school hex map feel -
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