Celestial Scholar Phase Focus stack with base phase benefit?

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It would seem that the benefits from the PP would have to be in addition to the normal phase benefits if only because the Watching Moon benefit is completely different from the regular moon phas benefit. The Blazing Sun feature seems like it is supposed to just expand the normal sun feature, but the wording of the PP makes it seem like it creates a new damage instance, so enemies within 2 squares would take damage from Blazing Sun, and adjacent enemies would also take damage from the base feature. The Distant Stars feature muddies this a bit because it does include the base star phase feature in it's text, so it's unclear whether the feature is meant to be a replacement or addition.

Any opinions on this? Blazing Sun seems much nicer if it is an extra damage instance from the base sun feature... 
That wasn't the best worded paragon path... Anyway, MY interpretation of things would be that Blazing Sun increases the range of your Phase of the Sun feature (adjacent enemies will NOT take double damage), Distant Stars adds an effect to your Phase of the Stars feature (you may also teleport when hit), and Distant Moon adds an effect to your Phase of the Moon feature (you will have both an increased AC AND adjacent enemies will take damage when failing saving throws).
That's my thinking as far as intent, though I'm trying to determine a RAW reading that doesn't end up disrupting the normal function of one phase or another....
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