Party's Public Execution

This session didn't go exaclty as planned...

We had a Barbarian join (with our Fighter, Cleric and Rogue). It was shaping up to be an effective party for adventuring. Unfortunately, in town the Rogue led the unintelligent Barbarian down a path of crime, looting the inn safe and stealing a small statue of Kord. The Cleric of Ra (God of Justice, Law, Nobility, Good...) became a witness to this debauchery, and he and the ex-soldier Fighter went to summon the guards.

The Halfling Rogue happened to have the false identity trait, and put on his disguise as a noble. The Barbarian happened to have bought a signet ring and fine clothes when he made the character. Acting as nobles, they managed to slip past the guards.

When the criminal players tried to flee the city, the good players got the guard captain involved and gave a description to the gate guards. A confrontation at the gate ended with the Barbarian almost killing the Cleric, but ultimately being subdued, and the Rogue going quietly when surrounded.

The Rogue tried to pick his cell lock with no thieves tools. Later, at their trial, the Barbarian tried to break out forcefully and was restrained and beaten to death. The Rogue used the distraction to successfully sneak out of the courtroom and hide in a cabinet, jamming it shut with Disable Device. When the guards and the players found the locked cabinet, the Fighter rolled a critical hit to break the cabinet and damaged the Rogue within 1 hit point of death. He was stabilized and taken back for sentencing.

He was found guilty of theft, laundering stolen goods, impersonating nobles, insulting a noble, assault, battery, resisting arrest, attempting to escape prison, vandalism, and disorderly conduct, and sentenced to death.

As the Rogue laughed all the way to the block, the session ended when his head rolled.
Halfling Rogue on the way to the gallows: "and I would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for you kids!"


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