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It's pretty much irrelevant because the reminder text clears it up but Edgewalker's template seems kind of imprecise.

Cleric spells you cast cost less to cast. This effect reduces only the amount of colored mana you pay.

Technically most of the mana you pay will be colored, whether it's being spent on a generic or a colored mana cost. The current wording implies that the card is somehow concerned with whether or not you're paying colored mana when what it's actually trying to do is reduce the mana cost. So I would think another template would be better.

This effect reduces only the colored part of a mana cost.
This effect can't reduce the generic part of a mana cost.

Again, the reminder text spells out pretty clearly what the intended functionality is but if it weren't there it would be pretty easy to misinterpret.


"Mana cost" is too specific of a term. If you have Fist of Suns, Edgewalker allows you to play Clerics for even though it's an alternative cost, not the mana cost.
This effect can't reduce the generic part of a cost.


This effect can't reduce the generic part of a cost.

I can't think of any card that refers to generic mana cost.

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What about
This effect reduces only the colored part of a cost.


Retemplating half a card is a risky undertaking. There needs to be a clear connection between the two sentences in Edgewalker's ability. The first sentence is a standard template that can be found on many other cards. "Cost" is the verb in that sentence, and "Cleric spells you cast" is the noun (and plural). Using "cost" as a noun in the second sentence and referring to a single cost would make the ability as a whole more difficult to parse.

As others have pointed out, the cost that Edgewalker reduces is the total cost of the spell. This game term exists in the Magic Comprehensive Rules, but it's not a term we expect players to know. (The only instance of the term on cards is in the reminder text of Sprout Swarm, Kavu Primarch, two Future Sight cards that have convoke and kicker.) On cards, we choose to refer to what players pay to cast a spell or what mana was spent to cast a spell.

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While I recognize it is absolute pedantry, I feel I must point out that Sprout Swarm has buyback, and that buyback is not kicker.
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