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My players have found theirselves in the Underdark through some of what has been introduced and the route they have chosen.  My only problem is, I dont have a very large understanding/knowledge on the Underdark.  Years ago I read the Drizzt series and that was certainly a good read.  Being the DM that I am, I like to have a vast knowledge on what I am playing with, and to date, all of my adventures have been primarily surface exploits with some mountainous/cavern/buried temple/dungeon feel to them.  I like a challenge myself, but I'm feeling a little out of place, and with what little knowledge I do have, the players have been eating it up and been having fun with Drow specifically thus far.  Their (the PC's) interactions may take them back to the surface sooner than I expect, but for the time being, with what I have gotten on the net it seems like an extremely rich environment to play in.

Through some links in the initial part of this forum I was able to find a very good web site to help with parts of the Underdark and the Drow in it specifically.  However, I wouldnt mind purchasing a suppliment and reading it over.  The rub is, I am playing 3.5.  The only suppliment I can find that has wonderful reviews for 3.5 is - "Drow of the Underdark" - and since it is out of print (like all 3.5 materials) it tends to have a pricey amount put on it - with the cheapest being around $50 with shipping that I can find.  While I would be willing to purchase at this rate, I wonder if I could purchase multiple suppliments for the same amount and get more info out of it.

Having said that, I have seen some other materials from 2nd edition and 4th, that seem pretty good and less expensive, but what is my best bang for my buck with these materials?  Drizzt's guide to the Underdark for being a 2nd edition source book has a lot of really good reviews.  The 4th edition Underdark has good reviews, but I also noticed it is lacking in maps (which I would love to have since this cuts down on my preparation time and thought process).  As long nothing is too ingrained with other edition statsand such, I have no problm converting or re-tooling a few things if I need to, I just want to get the best resource to make my life a little easier and have more fun for the players.

Also, does anyone know any good websites that have underdark and/or drow info that are useful and good?  Anything at all works.  Appreciate the help ahead of time!
If Maps are a focus, any cave maps can work for what you need. Heck, any map in general is good enough to work for the Underdark. Just because it's underground doesn't mean it's not got things like forests or deserts, especially when there are caverns big enough to have whole cities in them.

As for products, You can really pull from any book that covers the subject and mix and match to your desire. If it's just general Underdark knowledge you're seeking, the 4e Underdark product is indeed fairly good at giving out the basics.

That being said, nothing beats homebrew in terms of availability and cost, so don't sell the ideas you can come up with yourself short in comparison. Read a book or watch a TV show about caves and underground explorations, then just let your mind wander and come up with some ideas. Even a non cavern focused show or book can inspire. lA lot of people here really promote player involvement with the building of the world, so there's that route as well in the homebrew market. Just ask some leading questions at the table next time and roll with it from wherever they end up taking it.

Hope this helps. Happy Gaming
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