Paying with your life. (Orzhov B/W Vampires post gatecrash)

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UPDATED: Added Geralf's Messenger x3, Added Tragic Slip x3, Removed Intangible Virtue, Removed Ethereal Armor, Removed Demonmail Hauberk, Replaced Arrest with Oblivion Ring.

This deck WRECKS....  Boros can hurt you quite well, however...   (it's been about 50/50 with boros.)


Introduction: B/W is my favorite color combo.. with that said and Gatecrash out, we have access to a bit more mana-fixing than previously. The focus of this deck is beating down your opponent with a combo of Blood Artists 'drain', while sneaking in damage with your beaters. With a grand finale of killing wave. Your opponent will be taking dmg no matter what if you have a blood artist out, so it's a WIN WIN card! We also receive the additions of Cartel Aristocraft and High Priest of Penance, who will aid our cause greatly!

Strategy: Primarily the deck wins through attrition, from Blood Artist. Utilizing various token generators to attack with, block with, or even sacrifice with to trigger Blood Artist's ability, THEY WANT TO DIE.  The tokens also can feed Cartel Aristocrat, who then can become "unblockable", and can sneak in some damage (even more so with Demonmail Hauberk equipped).  Another strat is to just amass your tokens and send them in to die or even wait for a killing wave to kill everything.  

Killing Wave is the perfect tool with  Blood Artist.   It forces them to take a minimum of 1-4 damage (based on how many blood artists you have) PER CREATURE that gets sacrificed (on both ends) OR to pay whatever price you paid into killing wave.

Creature (23)

4x Doomed Traveler
4x Blood Artist
3x Cartel Aristocrat
3x High Priest of Penance
3x Vampire Nighthawk
3x Geralf's Messenger
2x Bloodline Keeper
2x Desecration Demon

Enchantment (5)
3x Oblivion Ring
2x Blind Obedience

Instant (3) 
3x Tragic Slip 

Sorcery (6)
3x Killing Wave
4x Lingering Souls

Planeswalker (2)
2x Sorin, Lord of Innistrad

Land (23)
4x Godless Shrine
4x Isolated Chapel
2x Evolving Wild
5x Plains
6x Swamp
2x Vault of the Archangel

Sideboard (15)
2x Ring of Xathrid
3x Rootborn Defenses
3x Essence Harvest
2x Sphere of Safety
2x Ring of Thune
3x Tragic Slip

[b]Card Choices:[/b]

[CARD]Doomed Traveler[/CARD]: 2 lives for the price of 1, can be used to chump block or to sacrifice.
[CARD]Blood Artist[/CARD]: The main course.
[CARD]Cartel Aristocrat[/CARD]: Sacrifice outlet, can become "unblockable" to sneak in some damage.
[CARD]High Priest of Penance[/CARD]: Can be beefed up and become scary attacker/blocker, or be used as food.
Geralf's Messenger: Good damage output, sacrifice deck, c'mon now.
[CARD]Vampire Nighthawk[/CARD]: Primary defense, slap on an Ethereal Armor on him and almost nothing can get past him.
[CARD]Bloodline Keeper[/CARD]: Pumps out more tokens to sacrifice, or even overwhelm your enemy. (can also pump up ALL of your vampires)
[CARD]Desecration Demon[/CARD]: Big scary beater, cheap, can cause opponent to sacrifice to lock him down which plays into your blood artist.

Oblivion Wave: Removal, can be used with
Blind Obedience: Slows down their hasted creatures, slows down their blockers. With extort to boot.

Tragic Slip: Removal, easy to activate with all that dying!

Lingering Souls: More bodies for the slaughter, 4 bodies for 5 mana, what a deal. Can be used to attack while waiting to die.
Killing Wave: Board Wipe, Finisher, grand finale, call it what you will.

Sorin, Lord of Innistrad: The KING of Token decks, in my opinion, Lifelinking chumpblockers, stackable +dmg emblem, kill/take control of their creatures? Yes please.

Contemplating if I want to add Ring of Thune and Ring of Xathrid. (I could use those to pump up my Cartel Aristocrat, my High Priest, Desecration Demon, Nighthawk, hell... even Blood Artist!)

Though if I added the rings I may want to add in Essence Harvest since it's on of my favorite spells in standard...   

Other choices I may consider putting in the deck:
Bloodgift Demon - Big body, card draw.
Bloodflow Connoisseur - Another sacrifice outlet
Sign in Blood - Card draw
Bloodthrone Vampire - Sacrifice outlet that can deal some real damage... in 1 turn
Murder - Removal
Duress - Remove their removal
Appetite for Brains - Remove their scary creatures
Gather the Townsfolk - More food
Increasing Devotion - Even more food
Elder Cathar - The perfect snack for Cartel Aristocrat
Champion of the Parish - If I ran those human tokens, i'd run him too.... perhaps there could be a different B/W human sacrifice deck...
Chalice of Life - Gain life, kill.

Any suggestions? Comments?

I am White/Black
I don't know how it will do but **** does that look like fun
It obliterates my friends' decks... they all run standard.  It IS fun.

 before Gatecrash  I ran alot more demons Reaper from the Abyss, Ravenous Demon, Thraben Sentry Elder Cathar and Thraben Doomsayer

It was very strong,  but it was also very slow..

With Cartel Aristocrat and High Priest it's much faster  
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Top deck Terminus. Cast. Say go.

Top deck Terminus. Cast. Say go.

In response, sacrifice all of my creatures to cartel aristocrat (including blood artist).  You'll still take some damage.  

But yeah, Terminus does ruin my day =( 
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Played a few matches tonight with this deck at my local shop...  the deck proved much better than I had anticipated.
I am White/Black
I'd personally use more Bloodline Keeper and less Desecration Demon cause the first one seems a sure low win. The demon is big, i know but the more creatures you have, the more you can sneak and leech. Plus the vampires can stack and activate the keeper so you could have in relativly few turns an army of vampires. How do you feel to play?
Highway robber
Just for the flavour text.
Grow old or die trying.
Top deck Terminus. Cast. Say go.

This sort of criticism does nothing. And in fact, that this deck only falls to Terminus without value and at least gets something out of Supreme Verdict, Bonfire of the Damned, and the like is a point in its favor.

As for the deck, it's off to a good start. But there's a lot of fluff or random cards thrown in that don't really seem to fit. I think you could afford to really go all in here, and there are a number of ways to do that. For instance, the Angel of Glory's Rise / Fiend Hunter / Cartel Aristocrat combo could be really good alongside Doomed Traveler and Blood Artist. The problem you'd face is filling your graveyard enough to Unburial Rites an Angel, because hardcasting it is probably not doable in this fast meta. Undercity Informer could help do this if you get lucky, and at the same time it provides you with another sacrifice outlet. So I dunno, it could be fun.

But what I would probably do just for the sake of being more consistent is build something like Suicide Tokens:

4 x Godless Shrine
4 x Isolated Chapel
4 x Orzhov Guildgate
4 x Plains
4 x Swamp
3 x Vault of the Archangel

4 x Blood Artist
3 x Bloodline Keeper
4 x Cartel Aristocrat
4 x Doomed Traveler
1 x Falkenrath Noble

Instants & Sorceries:
4 x Gather the Townsfolk
3 x Killing Wave
4 x Lingering Souls
4 x Midnight Haunting

Artifacts & Enchantments:
4 x Intangible Virtue

2 x Sorin, Lord of Innistrad 
I don't remember giving the deck any kind of criticism, and the fact you assume that criticism is what was intended is an error on your part. Not once did i smite the deck, nor say i wasn't impressed by the list. The OP infact agreed, that Terminus is a pain in the buttocks for this deck. And from what i can see, its quite possibly the only pain in the buttocks this deck may have, bar control decks. Once they realise your combo/plan, they will be working against breaking it. Seeing as pretty much any deck can be snapped in this season of Standard.

Having that been said, i was very fond of the list, and took it for a test drive, and the results were, as has already been said, a shed ton better than i thought would be. Desecration Demon did it for a me a few times though. He's alot of fun. 

While I do appreciate your suggestions,  miilkshake, I'm just not a fan of Gather the Townsfolk/Midnight Haunting in this deck...  I don't feel they're necessary... and they certainly won't win me the game if I top deck them, I also just prefer having those enchantments, as it helps me feel like I have more control over the outcome of the match, rather than spamming tokens all day.

Play test it at tapped out, it is quite consistant....

I used to run Fiend Hunters in my pre-gatecrash deck... and threw in only 1 Angel of Glory's Rise for fun. Was able to pull off the unlimited combo by using Fiend Hunter to exile the angel, and continually saccing/rezzing the fiend hunter, it was fun when it happened, but that wasn't the main strategy of the deck. As I mentioned before that deck was a human sacrificing to demon deck.

As for this deck, I've played it a bit more, those ethereal armors really come in handy slapping it onto the High Priest and the Nighthawk. Demonail Hauberk also comes in handy being another sac outlet  and it can be placed onto the Cartel Aristocrat without fear of it falling off due to protection from black/white.

The reason I use Desecration Demon is BECAUSE he's very reliable, he hits hard, he's fast, he's cheap, has evasion,  causes them to sac a creature, which further feeds the Blood Artist's ability.

I was thinking of throwing in Falkenrath Nobles as well... but only having 1 of is just silly...

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Updated List.

+ Geralf's Messenger
+ Tragic Slip
+ Oblivion Ring
- Intangible Virtue
- Demonmail Hauberk
- Ethereal Armor
- Arrest
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Nice deck list I've always liked blood artist a lot since i pulled my first one out of an avr pack. Here is my take on the deck, still thinking about sideboard.

Land (23)

Cavern of Souls x3
Isolated Chapel x4
Godless Shrine x4
Vault of the Archangel x2
Plains x5
swamp x5

creatures (17)

Blood Artist x4
Cartel Aristocratx4 (still debating if Bloodthrone Vampire is better or not}
Bloodline Keeper x4
Falkenrath Noble x3
Obzedat, Ghost Council x2

instant/sorc/enchant (18)

Tragic Slip x3
Blind Obedience x4
Oblivion Ring x3
Lingering Souls x4
Killing Wave x3
Entreat the Angels x1

walkers (2)

Sorin, Lord of Innistrad x2 (who else? )
this deck looked promising, why did it die out
@chinacat  Noble isn't worth it. He's a 4 drop for Blood Artist's effect. In tourney play, he's too slow and doesn't really impact the board like a true 4 drop should do. Bloodline keeper is slow enough as it is, don't need to add any other 4 drops who take awhile to get running :P  Also, you run Cartel Aristocrat because she can always guarantee a hit, Bloodthrone Vampire does have potential, however Aristocrat is just safer.

 So upon adding the Messengers,  the deck is really beginning to just annihilate...  REALLY contemplating throwing in Thrull Parasites for more extort and to remove that + 1 counter to just keep on combo-ing.  Especially with Vault/Nighthawk/Sorin Token  lifegain to counteract the Thrull Parsite's cost.  Let alone the extorting and the blood artist effect.
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this deck looked promising, why did it die out

I got really busy with work, I wasn't bumpin' it everyday like I was,  no one else was commenting on it =/

It's still going on strong with me though :D 
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C'mon guys... this deck is sweeet. Why does no body wanna comment?....  it's the title name isn't it? Isn't it!?
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I was thinking that ethereal armor would be beast on the cartel aristocrat, does that work out almost like that invisible stalker ethereal armor combo? or not as well
I was thinking that ethereal armor would be beast on the cartel aristocrat, does that work out almost like that invisible stalker ethereal armor combo? or not as well

The problem with Ethereal armor is that I'm not running a bunch of Enchantments, also,  if you need to make your Cartel Aristocraft pro-white to counteract say... an oblivion ring or whatever... the ethereal armor will fall off.
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This deck just screams for Skirsdag High Priest. I'm running a very similar build and he is just money with all the sacrificing of creatures the deck plays with. I also like Bone Splinters in here.
What would you replace?

Skirsdag is too slow.

Bone Splinters... goes hand in hand with Ghostcrawler, but alas, ghostcrawler isn't present here.. 
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