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Hi all,

This deck is a lot of fun, but every time I win a match it feels like Im trying too hard. Any suggestions for improvements? No need to keep the 20 lands/20 spells/20 creatures, that happened by accident.

Notes: I tried to build a spell base thats works well with electromancer, but at the same time works without electromancer. Almost all spells are 2 or less, and with draw 20 lands has been alright. Ill admit it causes problems sometimes, but I have a lot of draw. Hands of binding combos with nivmagus and dryad, and hopefully buys the time this tempo deck needs. 
How often is your delver flipping vs not with only 20 spells. I love delver, but I don't see him flipping consistently with only 20 spells to do it.
20 spells should be sufficient to trigger Delver.

Thoughts on Runechanters Pike in here?

Hows the elemental working out for you? 
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elemental is reasonable, since 3/4 is really good right now. It cant be ultimate priced, and with one exile it cant be speared. Turn 1 elemental into turn 2 hands of binding is one of the strongest possible openers. Also, with electromancer all the flashbacks think twice and ravings act as reasonably cheap pump spells. Its also a cheap spell for dryad. On the minus side, its miserable in multiples, and a weak topdeck once you are out of spells and dont have an active binding. 

Delver is a spell thats on the chopping blocks. Its possible augur of bolas can replace. It does flip reasonably fast though, and the interaction with thought scour has been nice at giving a bit of scry.

I had pike as a 2-of but took it out, as spots in the deck are really tight and its much less useful without evasion/geist.
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