Adventure for DnD Next!!/20...

Castle Newpperlys Fabled Son.

  The adventuring party heard from a shady poisons dealer in town that beneath the nearby ruins of Castle Newpperly nearby that their are remains of the castles underground portions, which is where the tyrant ruler Amopsomus kept his greatest treasure of all the Wanderers Coat. A silvered trenchcoat which is famed to make the wearer incredibly intelligent of their surroundings (information on the coat will be provided further below). The King Amopsomus died from insanity and actually was the reason the castle had been destroyed, he wanted to magically infuse the castle with mystic guards, combining flesh with stone of his followers making a living fortress.
Cool adventure! I hadn't thought of having dark cultists worship a minotaur before, but it's a cool idea.
Thanks! :D I was going to use a bigger map but I generally only have small sessions. So I thought it would be better to use on of my small maps... I have at least two big graphing notebooks full of maps. :P Also that is my blog, and i will be posting more adventures there! and play sessions eventually! My Dungeons and Dragons NEXT campaign story is posted there briefly.
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