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I was trying to use the character builder to make an essentials character, a cleric.  It created one for me, but when I looked at what it had chosen for powers and feats, the choices seemed a little odd.  When I deselected the choice, and then chose the "Choose All For Me" button, it gave me a different random choice everytime.  I'd assumed from the video tutorial it would give me something appropriate, is this not the case?
Thanks for any help you can offer.
You shouldn't ever pick 'Choose All For Me'. Ever. The issue is that feats and items are really important for the effectiveness of your character. Even if you're not interested in the numbers, the game is. And so you need to maintain a minimum baseline of competency. Letting the builder choose for you makes that extremely difficult.
Choose For Me is totally random selection that only cares for prerequisits and doesn't concern itself with what"s best for your character. I highly discourage using it.
That explains it, it's a bit of a gotcha that you need to go back and change the default options, but at least I know.  Thanks for your help!
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