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jnp i know you will see this, but i want to build a elemental deck with rakdos, lord of riots then using him to cast creatures like scourge of geier reach i want a sort of fiery hell theme going on.
Well you certainly want grinning ignus since that is a mana source when you cast it cheaper.

I would also strongly consider some of the very expensive obnoxious evoke creatures and then fill in the low cmc slots with lots and lots of black/red burn.

Artifact creatures deserve a very close look as well since the casting cost reduction can make them free. Especially ones that come in at very important casting costs like 3 for a lightning bolt.

On a side note you want to be able to store power for later turns. This means the suspend cards could be very important and if you are going to use accelleration it should be a creature with a mana cost of 3 or more colorless.

The one casting cost goblin that taps to do one damage to target player could be a key activator as well. I am not very fond of the scourge but if you like him.

Something like this maybe?
4 goblin fireslinger
4 grinning ignus
4 alloy myr
4 scuttlemutt
4 rakdos, lord of riots
4 shriekmaw
4 blightsteel colossus or other absurd artifact creature you can use the power for.

4 rift bolt
4 arc blade

6 mountain
6 swamp
4 lavaclaw reaches
4 rakdos carnarium
4 blood crypt
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Why not run Reaper King?  if you pay the for him, there's only left, that's one hit with Rakdos and you get a 2 mana Vindicate.  And he's free if you do 10 damage.

EDIT:  nvm I just noticed that he makes other Scarecrows into Vindicates.  My bad.

You could still run something like Flame Javelin.  6 damage gives you a free 4 damage.  That's 10 damage for free by turn 5 
you could always run eldrazis, and rix maadi guildmage really helps tack down your opponents life without even attacking

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