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I was following this thread and it didn't seem to come to a conclusion that I found satisfactory. I've been trying to come up with a similar scenario using a different set of cards to further my understanding.

Natural Emergence
Steal Artifact
Silverskin Armor
Liquimetal Coating

I use Liquimetal Coating on an opponent's forest and then enchant it with Steal Artifact. Once I have control of it, it becomes a 2/2 creature and I equip it with Silverskin Armor. So far so good?

The turn ends...

Not to pummel a corpse here but a point of disagreement in the other thread seemed to have to do with the function of Animate Artifact so I'm trying to remove that particular card as a factor.

In order for Steal Artifact to even work in this case, "enchanted artifact" must be able to refer to a nonartifact permanent, because at the time that the control-changing effect is applied, the type-changing effect that makes the Forest an artifact hasn't yet applied. The issue here, as with the other thread, is whether "enchanted THING" abilities can apply to an object that isn't a THING.
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Are you saying I can't steal the land at all? 

Consider only Liquimetal CoatingSteal Artifact and Forest.

I though this would let me take the forest until the end of the turn.    
Steal Artifact doesn't create the same problem, because when you start the Cleanup step, SBAs will remove Steal Artifact, while they would not remove Animate Artifact.

Steal Artifact doesn't create an effect that turns the enchanted Forest into an artifact. So once the Liquimetal Coating activation wears off, the current characteristics of the enchanted Forest don't include the Artifact type, so the Forest isn't a legal object for Steal Artifact to enchant (as defined by Steal Artifact's Enchant ability) and the Aura falls off.

By contrast, Animate Artifact's ability contains the phrase "is an artifact creature" which generates an effect that gives the enchanted object the Artifact type (as welll as the Creature type). Hence AA won't fall off, which is the core of the problem in the other thread.

On the other hand, subbing in Steal Artifact does raise it's own problem (does the SA control-change ability even work?)

I would say it does, because when building up the picture of the enchanted object's characteristics, the effects must be looking back to the previous gamestate to determine whether the enchanted object is or is not an artifact - which it was. Therefore the effect applies. (This also goes for Animate Artifact.) But I could be wrong. Why not try and PM Natedogg for an [O] answer?
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I'm sorry, my previous post didn't really provide an answer. Allow me to clarify. Rule 201.5 applies here.

201.5. If an ability of an object uses a phrase such as “this [something]” to identify an object, where
[something] is a characteristic, it is referring to that particular object, even if it isn’t the appropriate
characteristic at the time.

Even if the enchanted permanent is not an artifact, the "enchanted artifact" still refers to it because it's the object enchanted by Steal Artifact. You apply the continuous effects in the following order.

1) Steal Artifact gives you control of the Forest.
2) Natural Emergence gives the land the creature type.
3) Liquimetal Coating (and later Silverskin Armor) gives the land the artifact type.

After all of these effects are applied, state-based effects are checked to see whether everything is attached to a legal object. Steal Artifact sees that it's attached to an artifact, so it's happy. Silverskin Armor likewise sees that it's attached to a creature, so it's happy. The end result is that you will maintain control of the Forest. Even after the ability of Liquimetal Coating wears off, Silverskin Armor will allow the Forest to maintain the artifact type.

The important thing to keep in mind here is that, even though they apply in the same layer, Silverskin Armor's effect isn't actually dependent on Natural Emergence because Equipment always apply their effects to the equipped permanent. Normally, if that permanent isn't a creature, the Equipment falls off shortly after, but Natural Emergence makes the Forest a creature in time for Silverskin Armor to see it.
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